Patient testimonial: Jason Stover

jason stover testimonial

When it comes to health care, not all hospitals are the same. From the services offered to the people who treat you, each experience is different from the last. For Jason Stover, he found care like he had never had before... right here at Logansport Memorial Hospital.

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Patient testimonial: Sabrina Aspinwall

family photo

At Logansport Memorial Hospital, we know there is no moment quite like bringing a new baby into the world. And we also know just how important it is to make sure that moment is comfortable and safe for mom and baby. Our highly-trained staff provides individualized care and nurturing throughout labor and delivery to make sure our moms are in the best hands possible. For Sabrina Aspinwall, this high level of care alleviated her fear and anxiety.

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Patient testimonial: Pamela Schubach

Pamela shubach testimonial

Outside of routine visits and yearly check-ups, you don't find yourself thinking about what services you can find at your local hospital and when you might need them. For most individuals, a hospital visit is few and far between. That's the nice thing about hospitals -- they are there for you when you need them, and are still there when you don't. And for Pamela Schubach, having a hospital nearby with the services she never knew she would need made all the difference in her care.

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Patient testimonial: family birth center

At Logansport Memorial Hospital, our team of OB/GYNs, pediatricians, caring nurses, and certified lactation consultants provides the comprehensive and personalized care that has earned us designation as a Baby-Friendly Hospital.

We're proud to be right here in north-central Indiana, delivering care that exceeds the expectations of families in our community. And for mothers like Gabby Thomas -- this close to home, exceptional care is what made her journey so special.

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