Why everyone should get an annual preventive exam for optimal health

physician and patient during annual preventative exam

If you haven’t had an annual preventive exam this year (or ever), there’s no time like the present to get one scheduled. The yearly exam (also called a checkup or physical) is your chance to see your doctor for a complete overall health review.

You don’t always have to be sick or hurt to see a doctor.

A yearly checkup is crucial to maintaining good health even if you’re feeling great and have no known medical conditions. If you have existing conditions, this appointment is a chance to check in on those and talk to your doctor about any other concerns.

Keep reading to learn what happens at an annual preventive exam, why they are so beneficial, and how to find a doctor if you don’t currently have one.

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Staying healthy and fit as you age

healthy aging

Aging is inevitable, however -- how you age is entirely up to you. Exercising, getting enough rest, and eating a well balanced diet sets a great foundation for overall health, both in your younger years and as you age.

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The importance of fiber in your diet

food on the table

When it comes to healthy eating, and creating a meal plan that promotes nutrition and sustenance, it can be hard to find where to start. It is all too common to be consumed by advertisements and articles claiming this diet is better than that one, you need to eat this and not that, and so on. No matter what your resolution may be -- to lose weight or eat clean -- adding or keeping fiber in your diet is essential to your nutritional goals.

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How to develop a healthy habit

donuts and apple

Every year, when January rolls around, New Year's resolutions are made. These resolutions are often goals to get fit, eat better, or lose weight. Most resolutions fail by February, which is all the more reason to make your resolution a habit. Make better choices easier by creating a healthy habit.

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Signs and symptoms of depression

depressed man

Depression is commonly misused to describe the feelings associated after a bad day, bad week, or going through a hard time. However, depression is far more complex than general sadness. There is no one answer as to what causes depression, but there are common signs and symptoms that can help you recognize if you -- or someone you know -- is depressed.

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