How to develop a healthy habit

Every year, when January rolls around, New Year's resolutions are made. These resolutions are often goals to get fit, eat better, or lose weight. Most resolutions fail by February, which is all the more reason to make your resolution a habit. Make better choices easier by creating a healthy habit.

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3D mammograms are a powerful tool for early breast cancer detection

Doctor examines 3D mammograms

The early detection of breast cancer dramatically increases survival rates, and 3D mammograms are one of the best tools available to find breast cancer in its early stages.

Unfortunately, many women put off having a mammogram, or are simply unsure about when to have one or which type of exam is best.

Read on to learn when women should start getting mammograms, how often to have them, and the benefits of 3D mammograms over conventional 2D mammograms.

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Why scheduling an annual health check up is well worth your time

A child at her annual health check up appointment

Life can get busy, and scheduling an annual health check-up—for yourself or your little one—is something that tends to get pushed down the to-do list, especially when everyone is healthy and feeling fine. But making time to prioritize your family’s health and wellness today can really pay off down the road.

In this blog article, we’ll discuss the benefits of an annual health check-up and what to expect at this vital visit with your doctor.

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First baby of the New Year

We are excited to announce that the first baby of the New Year was born on January 2 at 10:35 PM to Shana and Brian Enders from Logansport, Indiana. Baby Silas is 7 pounds 14 ounces, 22 inches long, and has a full head of brown hair. 

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Taking care of your new hip: restrictions after hip replacement

Nurse speaks to a patient with restrictions after hip replacement


If you’ve been dealing with hip pain that makes it hard to do simple activities—like getting in and out of your car or bending down to pet your dog—you may finally be ready for joint surgery but wondering about restrictions after hip replacement.

This procedure is often a good option and provides relief for many patients, especially if they’ve tried lifestyle changes or other treatments but just haven’t seen any results.

Read on to learn what to expect after surgery and some restrictions after hip replacement that you must take seriously to recover properly and prevent injury.

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