A scientifically-based program for Kick starting your weight loss

Weight Loss

Tired of diet plans that don't work or require a lot of calorie-counting, measuring, or cooking? All of this extra work can make losing weight feel like an impossible task.

Fortunately, Logansport Memorial Hospital offers an alternative. Our effective, non-surgical weight-loss program—Health Management Resources (HMR)—puts patients on the right path to achieving their goals and maintaining their progress.

If you're ready to stop dieting (with little success) and put in the effort to improve your health, we can help. Keep reading to learn more about our personalized plan.

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Is surgery your best option for hip pain?

Hip Surgery Picture

A common misconception about hip pain is that surgery is your only treatment option, but that's simply not the case.

Almost all providers will not perform surgery unless all other alternative treatment methods have proven to be ineffective in alleviating your hip pain. 

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Tips for healing surgical scars


This article is part of the Complete Guide to Wound Care.

Whether it's a rough tumble onto the pavement or a deep cut with a kitchen knife, there's always a chance for scarring when you damage your skin during the healing process.

The same risk of scarring is there when you have surgery (matter how skilled your surgeon is) because your surgeon can't control all of the factors—such as your age, race, genetics, chronic illness, and size/depth of your scar—that will impact your healing. That's why post-surgery scarring and how you heal is typically so different from person to person.

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Why you should quit smoking before having surgery

Quitting smoking before surgery has many benefits

Cigarettes are addictive, and it can be tough to give up smoking.

But if you're a smoker, quitting will improve your life in many ways.

It will especially make a difference if you have an upcoming surgery scheduled because smoking increases your risk of experiencing problems during surgery and while you're recovering.

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