Logansport Memorial celebrates National Healthcare Volunteer Week

Logansport Memorial Hospital is fortunate to have nearly 50 volunteers who dedicate their time and talent to help our hospital provide high quality healthcare to our community. During National Healthcare Volunteer Week, recognized from April 19-23 this year, LMH would like to recognize the group of men and women for their commitment to patient care, and their compassion toward our patients, our staff, and our community. 

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Diagnostic imaging exams explained

Ever wonder why your doctor recommended that you see a radiologist to get a diagnostic imaging exam? Providers order these procedures whenever they want to understand better what is happening inside a patient’s body—without doing surgery.

If your physician thinks that you might have a specific condition, disease, or injury, sometimes they can use your imaging results to strengthen their diagnosis. With this added information, your care team can provide a more personalized treatment plan to help you.

The type of imaging exam that most people are familiar with is an X-ray, but there are many other varieties, and each is used for different purposes.

Read on to find out more about X-rays and other common types of imaging exams. Plus, learn the typical reasons why doctors order them.

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Carpal tunnel syndrome and treatment

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that can cause tingling, numbness, and weakness in your hand. This happens when the median nerve -- which runs the length of your arm and through your hand -- is compressed. This nerve controls the movement and feeling in your thumbs and fingers, with the exception of your pinky on each hand.

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LMH participates in National Drug Take Back Day

In partnership with the Cass County Sheriff's Department and the Logansport Police Department, Logansport Memorial Hospital (LMH) is participating in the upcoming National Drug Take Back Day, scheduled to be held on Saturday, April 24 at the main hospital campus. Staff from LMH, the Sheriff's Department, and the Police Department will be located in the circle drive of the hospital and will walk out to your car as you drive up to take unwanted, unused, or expired prescription drugs. The public is welcome to drive through in the circle drive from 10 am  to 2 pm that day.

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How to eat the right foods to fuel your body

A fresh-picked apple, a side of apple sauce, a mug of hot apple cider, a bowl of Applejacks, and a slice of apple pie—each of these foods might appeal to an apple-lover, but some are healthier foods for fueling your body than others.

Eating right can be challenging, especially when you lead a busy life. Confusing labels on food packaging doesn’t make it any easier to find the best foods either.

Thinking of food as “fuel”

No one eats ideal foods at every meal, but when you find yourself making more poor food choices than healthy ones, it’s easy for your weight to creep up. Though resetting can be tricky, don’t lose hope. The body is a remarkable machine. Give it what it needs, and it will repair itself.

Read on for general guidelines on how to adjust your eating habits and make food swaps that will make your body run better.

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