What is multiple myeloma?

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A rare blood cancer related to lymphoma and leukemia, multiple myeloma affects your white blood cells. Those are your body’s cells that fight infections and produce antibodies that attack unwanted germs.

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LMH named a top 20 rural community hospital

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Logansport Memorial Hospital was recently named one of the Top 20 Rural Community Hospitals in the country.

The National Rural Health Association (NHRA) has announced the 20 highest-ranked prospective payment system hospitals in the country based on an evaluation by The Chartis Center for Rural Health, using the iVantage Health Analytics’ Hospital Strength Index. Earlier this year, Logansport Memorial learned that we were a four-time recipient of the Top 100 award from iVantage Health Analytics. This additional evaluation and analysis led to Logansport Memorial being named prestigiously to the Top 20 Rural Community Hospitals out of the Top 100 originally identified. Logansport Memorial and other Top 20 recipients were recently recognized in an awards ceremony during the NHRA’s Rural Hospital Innovation Summit on May 9 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The determining factors for the top 20 rural community hospitals were based on eight indices: inpatient market share, quality, outcomes, patient perspectives, costs, charge, and financial stability.

“I cannot fully describe how proud I am of the efforts of our physicians and staff who have contributed to achieving this distinction,” comments Perry Gay, President and CEO of Logansport Memorial Hospital. “To be among this group of Top 20 hospitals means that our collaborative efforts to deliver care and achieve positive clinical outcomes has put Logansport Memorial Hospital in the top 1% of rural hospitals across the country. The caliber and quality of care that you can receive right here at home has been recognized as one of the very best, and it does not happen without a team of hardworking staff, innovative leadership, and dedicated providers who are fully committed to delivering it for the patients and families we serve.”

He went on to say, “Our recognition as a Top 20 Rural Community Hospital means that you can count on us as your trusted provider to deliver the services you need now and in the future. I am thrilled to celebrate this prestigious moment with our entire hospital team.”

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LMH recognized as a four-time recipient of top 100 Rural and Community Hospital Award

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Logansport Memorial Hospital is proud to announce that it has been named one of the Top 100 Rural & Community Hospitals in the United States by The Chartis Center for Rural Health. Regarded as one of the industry’s most significant designations of performance excellence, the annual Top 100 Rural & Community Hospitals award is based upon the results of the Hospital Strength INDEX® from iVantage Health Analytics.

“This achievement is very gratifying and validates our daily commitment to providing the best healthcare possible to our community, while maintaining an efficient and effective facility,” comments Perry Gay, President and CEO. He went on to say, “Logansport Memorial is proud of the efforts of our physicians and staff who have contributed to our achievement of this designation. To be among the small group of hospitals who can say they have been recognized by this award for four straight years is a true honor, and we want our community to be proud of their hospital and the quality of care that’s available to them, right here at home.”

“As a community hospital, we are committed to our patients and all those we serve as a key partner in their overall health and wellness,” says Perry. “We consistently look for innovative ways to pursue a patient-centered approach to healthcare that meets the needs of our patients and exceeds their expectations. It takes our entire team – engaged providers, forward-thinking executives, and exceptional staff at all levels to achieve results and outcomes that lead to designations like this. We will continue building upon the successes we have reached thus far, and hope to work toward many more.”

Hospitals recognized as a Top 100 facility scored in the top 100 among all rural and community hospitals nationally. Now in its ninth year, the INDEX leverages 50 rural-relevant indicators across eight pillars of hospital strength (i.e. Inpatient Market Share, Outpatient Market Chare, Cost, Charge, Quality, Outcomes, Patient Perspective and Financial Stability) to determine an overall score for each hospital. Each of the INDEX’s 50 indicators is culled from publicly-available data sources.

“In an era of increased complexity and uncertainty, Top 100 hospitals have established themselves as a leader for rural provider performance,” said Michael Topchik, National Leader of The Chartis Center for Rural Health. “Top 100 status is a real indicator of how proactive these hospitals are when it comes to pushing for performance improvement in areas such as quality, outcomes, patient safety, market share and finance.”

Top 100 Rural & Community Hospital Resources:
The list of this year’s Top 100 Rural & Community Hospitals, as well as the 2019 INDEX methodology, can be found at www.ivantageindex.com/top-performing-hospitals.

To learn more about The Chartis Center for Rural Health or to speak with someone regarding the INDEX and the 2019 Top 100, please email Billy Balfour at wbalfour@ivantagehealth.com.

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The benefits of close-to-home cancer care

Close-to-home cancer care has many benefits

For some patients, receiving the very best cancer care requires traveling away from home, and that travel can be a roadblock for some who need comprehensive cancer treatment.

Life after getting a cancer diagnosis is filled with all sorts of challenges, but your cancer care journey doesn’t have to include the burden of travel.

During your treatment journey, you will need to see several doctors and specialists. For some patients, this process involves traveling to many different places to get all of the care they need to get better.

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