Benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chambers for chronic wound care

This article is part of the Complete Guide to Wound Care.

Everyone has had minor cuts and scrapes that they can take care of at home with a Band-Aid or two, but sometimes people get larger, more severe injuries on their body that linger. These are often deep, open wounds that seem to stop healing or heal very slowly.

For those patients, specialists can help you recover with a wide range of treatments to speed up wound healing. One cutting-edge option is called hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Read on to learn about the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chambers for treating persistent wounds.

Logansport Memorial Wound Care Center’s state-of-the-art hyperbaric oxygen chambers provide a unique form of wound care therapy that's close to home.

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LMH Milk Depot: Meet our Donor Kelly Sass

Founded in 2005, The Milk Bank was established to improve health outcomes for premature and ill infants, foster better health for children, and decrease health care expenditures. Donated breast milk can be dropped off to Milk Depots, which are conveniently located to meet donors where they are. At Logansport Memorial Hospital, we are proud to announce that we are officially a Milk Depot for The Milk Bank.

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How a cancer diagnosis will impact your life

This article is part of the Complete Guide to Cancer Care.

For most patients, a cancer diagnosis comes out of the blue. Not having any warning means that most people—understandably—have many questions about what comes next.

After you have taken the time to learn more about what type of cancer you have and whether it’s aggressively spreading or growing slowly, you’ll need to start thinking about what you want to do.

Keep reading for answers to common questions often asked by people who have been recently diagnosed with cancer.

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