Why breast self-exams are important (and how to do them)


When it comes to early detection, regularly examining how your breasts look and feel for abnormalities is crucial. In fact, women often discover many problems themselves first. And, the earlier you find breast cancer, the better!

In addition to going for mammograms and annual check-ups, experts recommend that all adult women—beginning at age 18—perform monthly breast self-exams to check for lumps and other changes that might indicate the presence of breast cancer.

Continue the practice of giving yourself a breast self-exam throughout your life, even during pregnancy and after you go through menopause. Performing breast self-exams on a set, regular schedule will help you notice when things don’t look or feel quite right.

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of breast self-exams and what to look out for.

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Types of breast cancer surgery


Everyone experiences feelings of shock and disbelief after getting a breast cancer diagnosis. Lots of different things will race through your mind.

Every person’s treatment protocol is customized based on what will best help them battle their breast cancer.

For some patients, breast cancer surgery may be a crucial part of their treatment plan, in combination with interventions like chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, and targeted therapy.

4 things you need to know about mammograms

Keep reading to learn more about the most common surgical procedures involved in breast cancer treatment.

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What are the different stages of breast cancer?

a doctor chats with her breast cancer patient after she had a mammogram

Although every person is different, getting a breast cancer diagnosis is never easy for anyone and navigating the next steps is often an overwhelming process.

Before surgery can be scheduled (if it’s necessary) and before treatment can begin, your provider and care team will use tests and exams to determine which of the five stages of breast cancer you have, by figuring out where it is in your body (and how much there is).

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Questions to ask about breast cancer screening

Breast Caner Mammo

When you prepare for your annual check-up, take some time to consider questions that you may want to ask your doctor. Remember, the annual physicals is a chance for you and your doctor to be proactive about preventative health care and screening tests are an important part of that - including breast cancer screening for women. Here are a few questions related to breast cancer screening that you may want to add to your list. 

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Breast cancer surgery


Most women diagnosed with breast cancer will need surgery as part of their treatment. There are different types of breast cancer surgery depending on each patient's needs. If you or a loved one are diagnosed with breast cancer, you should learn more about surgical options for breast cancer care. Then talk to your doctor about which surgery is best for you.

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