When you should go to the doctor vs. the emergency room

Woman sick with a head cold

When it comes to being sick, it can be hard to know where to go to find relief fast. For some people, their conditions can mean a trip to the emergency room. For others, their illnesses can “wait” until you can get in to see your primary care provider.

How do you know where to draw the line? Which conditions should be seen by a primary care doctor, and what types of illnesses should be seen by an ER provider?

To help you determine whether you should go to the doctor or the ER, the care team at Logansport Memorial Hospital has put together a list.

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Stress-free patient advocacy: Hints for helping loved ones

patient advocate helping elderly parent review medical bill

Advocacy requires a lot of hard work, but it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give another person.

Many caregivers help manage day-to-day care giving tasks, doing all kinds of things like fixing WiFi, shoveling snow, paying bills to cooking meals, doing laundry, cleaning up around the house. Other caregivers may also act as patient advocates and handle healthcare-related tasks, doing everything from setting up doctor visits to managing medications.

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Does buying organic make a difference?


As interest in organic food has grown, so have your options at most grocery stores, and for a lot us, all of these additional options are sometimes a little overwhelming.

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