Will ankle replacement surgery help my nagging ankle pain?

Woman in pain who may need ankle replacement surgery

Ankle replacement surgery can provide significant relief for some people with chronic pain. After many months (or years) of dealing with severe ankle discomfort and swelling from arthritis or repeated injuries, having surgery to replace your ankle joint can finally make walking and other daily activities bearable again.

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How to prevent foot and ankle injuries

woman holds her sore ankle

Rolled ankles, broken toes, bad blisters, sprains, stubbed toes ...
Throughout your life, experiencing some form of foot pain and heel pain is unavoidable.

If you are lucky, the problem is minor and you feel better quickly. But, sometimes it takes weeks before you can get back to walking, running, and jumping like normal.

Read on to learn more about what causes foot and ankle pain, how to prevent injuries, and when you should see a doctor.

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Signs you might have plantar fasciitis


It can be different from patient to patient, but plantar fasciitis tends to start with a noticeable irritation in your heel. This irritation becomes pain that hurts when you stand or walk. 

If you've experienced plantar fasciitis, you know how incapacitating it can be. Every morning or anytime that you get up after resting, pain shoots through your heel and arch. The stiffness and pain may lessen after a few steps, but your foot will typically hurt more (and its tenderness will increase) as the day goes on. 

Risk Factors 

Plantar fasciitis is an injury often related to running, but it isn't limited to runners. It can be caused by many things. The more risk factors you match up with the greater the chance of your foot pain being plantar fasciitis: 

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