The connections between your weight and arthritis

Weight and Arthritis

We all know that being overweight can exacerbate or cause a variety of health problems. Many chronic diseases, such as heart disease or diabetes, have direct links to excess weight. It surprises some people to learn that arthritis is also affected by a person's weight. Obesity - when weight is considerably higher than considered healthy for a certain size - doesn't just make arthritis worse, it actually increases the risk of getting some types of arthritis. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) note that one in three obese Americans have been diagnosed with arthritis - compared to one in five Americans in general.

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Common types and symptoms of arthritis


Arthritis is a disease that takes many forms but all of them cause pain and discomfort in joints such as your wrists, fingers, knees and hips. It is often though that little can be done for arthritis...that is just a symptom of growing older. however, there are many treatment options for arthritis and arthritis can happen at any age. 

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