Patient testimonial: Pamela Schubach

Pamela shubach testimonial

Outside of routine visits and yearly check-ups, you don't find yourself thinking about what services you can find at your local hospital and when you might need them. For most individuals, a hospital visit is few and far between. That's the nice thing about hospitals -- they are there for you when you need them, and are still there when you don't. And for Pamela Schubach, having a hospital nearby with the services she never knew she would need made all the difference in her care.

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Taking care of your new hip: restrictions after hip replacement

Nurse speaks to a patient with restrictions after hip replacement

This article is part of the Essential Guide to Hip Pain Relief.

If you’ve been dealing with hip pain that makes it hard to do simple activities—like getting in and out of your car or bending down to pet your dog—you may finally be ready for joint surgery but wondering about restrictions after hip replacement.

This procedure is often a good option and provides relief for many patients, especially if they’ve tried lifestyle changes or other treatments but just haven’t seen any results.

Read on to learn what to expect after surgery and some restrictions after hip replacement that you must take seriously to recover properly and prevent injury.

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Weighing the pros and cons of double knee replacement surgery

Man holds his knee after having double knee replacement surgery

When you’re suffering from chronic pain in both knees, getting around to do everyday activities like going to the store or walking your dog can feel unbearable.

For many knee pain sufferers, knee replacement provides the relief they need to get back to their everyday life without constant pain. When you’ve decided on knee replacement as an option, the decision becomes whether to have a single knee replacement (one surgery for each knee) or to have both knees done at once.

This blog article will discuss the advantages and downsides of double knee replacement and share what to expect after surgery.

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Hip surgery FAQ: Why pick the anterior approach

x-ray of an artificial joint implanted using the anterior approach to hip surgery

This article is part of the Essential Guide to Hip Pain Relief.

If you are in good health yet have had hip pain and limited mobility that has not gone away after non-operative treatments, your surgeon may recommend hip surgery using the anterior approach. But, what is the anterior approach to surgical hip replacement?

The hip joint has one of the highest success rates for recovery after a surgical replacement. Keep reading to get answers to common questions patients have about the anterior approach to hip surgery.

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How to spot a potential injury

male runner experiencing knee pain

Whether you're a multi-sport athlete or a weekend warrior, injuries can happen to anyone -- and often times, with no warning. For some injuries, like sprains and strains, you can recognize and acknowledge some warning signs that you have injured or are continuing to injure yourself, which can help you to limit your activity to avoid further damage. 

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