Patient testimonial: Sports Medicine

No one expects to get hurt playing sports, but sometimes student athletes find themselves in need of care after a sports injury. Logansport Memorial's Sports Medicine program was designed to diagnose and treat these sports injuries, quickly and safely. Our partnership with local schools allows for student athletes to receive streamlined care, on and off the field. And for student athlete Caleb Crook, that direct access to care got him the help he needed for his injury.

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Patient testimonial: sports medicine

Logansport Memorial's Sports Medicine program was designed to diagnose and treat sports injuries as quickly and safely as possible, while preventing further injuries. We partner with local schools, sports teams, and other athletes to provide all-inclusive sports medicine care that's on-site and convenient. Our athletic trainers are there, on and off the field, ready to care for any injury. And for Jonathan Moss, this streamlined care got him back to what he loves.

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Tips for participating in fall sports

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of 2020 has been anything but typical. As the leaves begin to change and we become more accustomed to this “new normal,” some things are finally starting to get back to normal.

School’s finally in session again across north-central Indiana, and many student-athletes are back to having fun and participating in fall sports.

Avoid making any rookie mistakes. Whether your MVP is spending hours after class in the gym, on the field, or in the pool, read on to learn how you can help them stay safe—and prevent avoidable sports injuries—while they’re going for a big win.

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