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Patient testimonial: Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine program at Logansport Memorial Hospital was designed to diagnose and treat sports injuries. Our partnership with local schools allows for student athletes to receive streamlined care, on and off the field. And for Brayden Masters, that on-site care got him back in action quickly and safely.

Logansport Memorial sports medicine

The elbow injury

LMH Athletic Trainer Primmer Zook initially saw Brayden for a wrestling injury. When he was quick to heal, they moved forward but kept an eye on it. During his fall weights, he was feeling pain and numbness in his elbow again. Primmer started rehab on the injury but was quick to get him the further care he needed when he wasn't experiencing relief.

"Once I didn't see any improvement, I scheduled Brayden with Dr. Varhan to assess the injury and get him additional physical therapy. Dr. Varhan and I discussed treatment options, and agreed on a brace for support. In addition to the brace, Dr. Varhan modified his weight lifting and sure enough, Brayden was able to finish the season with no additional issues."

Brayden commented, "I had daily check-ins with Primmer and daily exercises to work on for my injury." Being at the school is a benefit for both the athlete and the trainer, as they are able to have direct conversations about the injury and proper treatment plans moving forward.

The direct communication between our athletic trainers and our Sports Medicine physicians allows student-athletes to have their injuries assessed at all levels, ensuring they get the best care possible for fast and effective recovery.

Here to care

Our athletic trainers are an essential part of our Sports Medicine team. They provide comprehensive, coordinated care to ensure the safety -- and success -- of student-athletes so they can always perform at their highest ability. Some of the services they provide include:

  • Injury and illness prevention
  • Conditioning programs
  • Pre-practice and pre-game preparations
  • Communication with coaches and parents
  • At-home follow-up care, as needed

For more information, or to learn more about our providers, visit our website. At Logansport Memorial Hospital, we're here to care for all of life's moments. 

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