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Patient testimonial: omnipod system and diabetes education

Learning to comfortably manage your diabetes can be a difficult path to navigate. While technology and healthcare advances every year, sometimes the way you manage your diabetes does not. Fortunately for Dean Berry, he has found success in insulin intake and diabetes management using Omnipod.

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Dean has been diabetic for 20 years and has worked through many methods of management: pills to shots, shots to even more shots. After turning 65, he found the Omnipod system. Dr. Brown recommended this pump, and with the help of Diabetes Educator Jill Weese, Dean has found this to be a good system.

What is the Omnipod System?

The Omnipod System provides all the benefits of insulin pump therapy while providing more flexibility and freedom than traditional tubed pumps. According to Dean, the system uses way less insulin and is way more efficient, effective, and cost saving.

“Dr. Brown told me I needed to try this out, and Jill got ahold of me to explain the system. She simply asked if I would like to try it and said that if it didn’t work out – we could find something new and start over. I met with an Omnipod representative and she went through how the system worked. She explained everything! I quickly learned that this system was going to be the best for me.”

Dean loves the easy management this system provides. He commented, “You learn a lot with this system. It helps you monitor and manage carbs so much more efficiently than other systems.” The tools available as part of the Omnipod System have been very beneficial for Dean.

“The management tool has helped me monitor weekly averages. My numbers have gone from 237 to 151 since January 4 and before. This is a great tool.”

A system and care worthwhile to everyone

At 66 years old, Dean has found a system that he would recommend to anyone and everyone. Outside of the simple fact that “this system works,” Dean commented on what has been useful to him while using the system.

“This is the best thing I have had going for my diabetes management. It’s a great tool that keeps me learning every day. As you learn, it really starts to change your lifestyle – you’re more aware about what you’re eating and how it affects you. It has really helped me to manage my meals and just overall, I have really been able to better manage my diabetes. I think the best thing for me is that I no longer have to take extra steps at night. I used to have to take insulin before bed, but now I can be asleep and my system is doing what it is supposed to be doing. I finally get to just go to bed. And even better, there are not near as many needle sticks like I had been doing before. This is just really a good system to have and to use.”

As Dean shared about his experience using the Omnipod system so far, he mentioned that he would recommend this system to everyone, but especially younger people.

“I think this system should be in the hands of everyone, especially younger people if they are able to use it. I think this system could help younger patients fight diabetes from the get go. In lieu of a cure, this is the best thing for diabetic patients. I highly recommend patients, especially young ones, talking to their doctors about this system and giving Jill a call to learn more. I wish I had this from the beginning.”

Diabetes care at Logansport Memorial Hospital

Dean loves the system, but has also appreciated the help he received from Logansport Memorial Hospital.

“If I call Jill with any questions, she gets back to me instantly, every time. She has worked with me from the beginning – from discovering the system to checking in on me and how I am managing.”

Diabetes is a complex and personal disease. Is requires daily self-management that can be different for everyone – including things like making healthy food choices, staying physically active, monitoring your blood sugar, and taking medications as prescribed.

Our Diabetes Support Services will help you learn how to manage your diabetes and our Diabetes Educator offers the personalized care needed so that you can thrive.

Diabetes Education

Visit our website for access to our diabetes education resources. There you can also sign up for our diabetes newsletter for information on how to manage your diabetes and for helpful advice. Have additional questions? Give our Diabetes Educator a call at (574) 753-1339 for help in managing your diabetes.

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