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Celebrating Clarence Campbell and 97 years

On Monday, August 2, the staff and patients in Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab were all smiles and full of cheer as they had a special birthday celebration for a very special patient, Clarence Campbell. With the help of staff and his Cardiac Rehab friends, Clarence walked into what he thought would be a normal day at rehab, but instead was surprised with cake, punch, and friends to celebrate his 97th birthday.

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Before the celebration could truly begin, longtime friend and fellow Cardiac Rehab patient, Dave LaPierre, put together a list of questions about Clarence’s life so they could confirm he was telling the truth about turning 97 before giving him his slice of cake. Friends and staff gathered around and shared in laughter as Dave ran through the list of questions, which included what year he was born, to which Clarence replied, “1924!”

For those who didn’t know Clarence as well as his friends, the list of questions really allowed for people to learn about his life. He shared details from when he served in the U.S. Army 77 years ago, and the journey of his life and how it led him to Logansport. Clarence received his teaching degree after his service and taught for 38 years, with the last 27 years being in Logansport.

Dave reminded Clarence that he taught many, many students during his time in Logansport, but asked if he knew that one of his former students was standing in the room with him. There to give him an award honoring his time as a teacher and to celebrate his 97th birthday was his former student and current Superintendent at the Logansport Community School Corporation, Michelle Starkey.

Clinical Coordinator Cassie Hodgini shared that Clarence was the oldest patient to participate in the Cardiac Rehab program at Logansport Memorial Hospital, which completed the fact-check for Clarence’s birthday celebration. Staff, friends, and fellow patients all sang Happy Birthday before enjoying cake and fellowship.

Cardiac Rehab at Logansport Memorial Hospital

The difference Cardiac Rehab can make in a patient’s life is amazing to see. Even more so when the patient is celebrating a 97th birthday and still making his regularly scheduled rehab appointments. Clarence shared how he got started with Cardiac Rehab and the impact it has made on his life.

“I started coming to the Cardiac Rehab program here about two and a half years ago when I had a heart attack. As soon as I got out of the hospital, I started coming here and I’ve been here ever since. Cardiac Rehab has been a good impact on my life. I look forward to the fellowship as much as anything. I enjoy meeting new people here and I just love coming here – it’s a part of my weekly routine. This is a great place and the people really know how to take care of you.”

Clarence’s son shared his perspective on what Cardiac Rehab has done for his dad.

“When he is here, he is here… and puts in the full effort. It’s good for him, his mind and his body. It gives him a reason to get out of the house and he really does enjoy coming here every week. The activities he does while he is here has really helped him get his strength back and he enjoys doing it all.”

At Logansport Memorial Hospital, we care for our patients. And sometimes that care means having a special birthday celebration. Thank you, Clarence, for letting us be a part of your celebration and for trusting us with your Cardiac Rehab care. Happy Birthday!