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Outsmart food traps to maintain your healthy diet

It takes dedication to stick to most weight-loss plans or keep up with eating a healthy diet, especially when surrounded by food traps during family gatherings and holiday celebrations.

Flamboyant former fitness instructor Richard Simmons once said that you are the only person responsible for what is on your fork and what it puts in your mouth. Though it’s true that every person controls what goes into their mouths, his quip is a little simplistic.

Consistently managing cravings and food temptations requires more than how much self-control you have. A little preparation helps make all the difference when you’re faced with food temptations.

Read on to learn more about how to outsmart food traps and reach your healthy eating goals.

Tempting-yet-unhealthy Thanksgiving pies

What causes food cravings?

Ever get a feeling out of nowhere that you just have to order pizza on Friday night after an incredibly tough week at work?

You’re not alone if you’ve ever used food as a reward for yourself. After all, they call choices like pizza, ice cream, and burgers “comfort food” for a reason. Studies on emotional eating have shown that it’s common for people to choose foods high in sugar and fat to cope with stress.

Combatting food cravings when they are everywhere—from family gatherings to holiday parties—isn’t easy, but there are some steps you can take to help tamp down your impulse to indulge.

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How to avoid food temptations

Get the upper hand on food traps by making choices that set you up for success. Here are a few psychological tricks you can use to control your cravings when you’re surrounded by a parade of unhealthy foods and feeling tempted to eat when you aren’t hungry:

  • Pre-eat (or bring your own healthy food): If you will be at an event with food traps, satiate yourself with a healthy meal before you arrive. It’s easier to stay in control if you aren’t famished.
  • Wear fitted-clothing: You’ll notice if you start overeating sooner if you are wearing tight clothes. Donning snug clothing gives you a physical reminder of when you’re full.
  • Brush your teeth after meals: For most people, having a clean mouth makes it easier to ignore food traps and more likely to enjoy a snack when they aren’t really hungry.
  • Don’t buy junk food: If it’s not in your house, it easier to keep out of your mouth.
  • Hide away unhealthy foods: If you find yourself having trouble with certain foods but you need to keep them around for your partner or kids, put them on a high shelf or in the back of the freezer ... out of sight, out of mind!
  • Just say no: Having just a taste (and nothing more) is a bigger challenge than having nothing at all. When it comes to controlling your emotional eating, abstinence often works better than trying to manage your cravings after indulging.
  • Focus on portions: Use smaller plates, keep track of what you’re eating, and avoid going back for seconds to keep your eating under control when you’re around highly palatable treats.

HMR is the best way to master dealing with food traps

The latest restrictive diet might help you shed a few pounds, but it takes more than just a “diet” to change your lifestyle for the better.

That’s what makes Logansport Memorial Hospital’s non-surgical weight-loss program—Health Management Resources (HMR)—different from the rest.

Find out how to excercise the right way

HMR is a nationally-renowned plan that has been recognized by U.S. News and World Report for four consecutive years as the number one fast weight-loss program. HMR gets better results in any other weight-loss program because it puts patients on the right path to achieving their goals and maintaining their progress, even in the face of food traps.

If losing weight and improving your health is your goal, then the HMR program is the perfect way to start your weight-loss journey.

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