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The benefits of weight-loss coaching

How amazing would it be if, on day one of a new weight-loss program, you lost all cravings for junk food? The reality is that while losing weight—and after!—there will always be temptations.

Weight-loss coaches can help you navigate those challenges when the struggle is real.

Woman eats a healthy lunch while chatting online with her weight-loss coach

Whatever your motivation is for losing weight, the process isn’t easy—especially when you try to do it on your own. Working with a partner who “gets it” can make a difference. Weight-loss coaches have the necessary knowledge and experience to provide practical solutions when you face challenges (and they’re also there to help you celebrate every victory along the way, too).

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of weight-loss coaching.

Build your weight-loss support system

According to research completed by experts at American Medical Association, accountability matters. Most people find greater success when they start a structured weight-loss program when they work with a coach.

Every weight-loss journey is personal, and unfortunately change doesn’t happen overnight. The weight-loss process requires a lot of hard work and dedication. On days when you might feel ready to give up, a coach is your cheerleader. They know you. They know what you are working towards. They know about your personal needs and what it will take to help get you back on track when you feel stuck or feel the urge to return to habits that caused your weight gain.

What exactly does a weight-loss coach do?

A weight-loss coach is a professional who specializes in helping people meet their weight-loss goals. They help people improve their diet (and find new healthy foods you like and enjoy!) and develop exercise plans customized around their lifestyle needs to ensure people stay on track and meet their weight-loss goals.

Get faster results with a support system

Weight-loss coaches are your partner, providing personalized support, relevant resources, and essential guidance based on your specific needs so that you have a solid foundation for weight-loss success.

Need an idea for a healthy snack using vegetables from your garden? Looking for ways to avoid food temptations at your family’s next holiday gathering? Want to go for a run, but your knee is bothering you? Fighting off chocolate cravings after seeing a Girl Scout selling Thin Mints outside the grocery store? A weight-loss coach knows how to help. They can get you answers to all of your questions and help you through those tricky situations.

Work with a team as dedicated to your weight loss as you are

You don’t have to shed pounds without support.

Whether you’re struggling to find healthy foods that taste good or find an exercise routine you enjoy, the weight-loss experts at Logansport Memorial Hospital can help you do what it takes to make improvements to your diet, build a meal plan filled with foods you enjoy, and get real results that last.

The HMR Program at Logansport Memorial Hospital

For over 30 years, the nationally-recognized HMR weight-loss program has helped over a million people across the U.S.

Unlike other one-size-fits-all approaches and fad diets that don’t work for maintaining long-term results, the HMR program is a heralded weight-loss plan because it is customizable and gets results.

Online or in-person, HMR weight-loss coaches listen and provide support to keep going when your exercise routine has lost its luster and help you when you feel like you might slip off your meal plan.

If reaching your goal weight and improving your health and wellbeing is a priority, this leading, fast weight-loss program might be a good fit for you.

We are here to help every step of the way so you can reach your weight-loss goals.

Explore different ways to get started

  • Read up on how the easy-to-follow HMR program works and see for yourself why its participants are so successful.
  • Attend a free informational session. Get information about when the next event is scheduled by calling (574)725-3599.
  • Set up an appointment to chat with our health care provider and medical supervisor Stacie Stutzman, NP.

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