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Healthcare Security and safety

Healthcare Security and Safety Week is October 11-17, and recognizes the importance of security and safety in a healthcare setting. From police officers to cybersecurity experts, we ensure our patients have the safest experience at Logansport Memorial Hospital.

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On campus security at LMH

Since 2016, Logansport Memorial Hospital has used off-duty LE officers from local agencies to conduct security on campus. In 2019, LMH hired a Director of Security for the first time. 

Our Director of Security says, "Since the position has been filled, we have on-boarded three full-time security staff, reducing the amount of part-time LE Officers needed." He continues to share that with the addition of the full-time staff, Logansport Memorial now has armed security coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

"With the addition of full-time staff, security procedures have been updated along with camera systems and communications." 
-Director of Security

Growing to meet the needs of the community

The most recent achievement has been the board approval of an LMH police department. Our Director of Security will be responsible for completing the procedures for LMH Security staff to be converted to Indiana Law Enforcement accredited Police Officers. 

Cybersecurity at LMH

When dealing with patient health information (PHI), it's important to have a strong system and team of experts to prevent any information leaks. At LMH, our IT department is trained to keep the hospital safe, behind the scenes. They monitor, secure, educate, and audit to ensure that patient information and important documents are as safe as possible. Thanks to training from the IT department, our staff have become adept at recognizing and reporting hacking attempts. Training includes signs of phishing and potential spam risk. 

In our transition over to Cerner systems, many additional security protocols were added this year, which has added to the progress we've made in being safe and secure. 

Thanks to our team

Healthcare goes far beyond being seen and treated as a patient. There is a team protecting you from harm, both physically and and electronically. Thanks to our team for their outstanding efforts in keeping our campus safe in all aspects.