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Patient testimonial: family birth center

At Logansport Memorial Hospital, our team of OB/GYNs, pediatricians, caring nurses, and certified lactation consultants provides the comprehensive and personalized care that has earned us designation as a Baby-Friendly Hospital.

We're proud to be right here in north-central Indiana, delivering care that exceeds the expectations of families in our community. And for mothers like Gabby Thomas -- this close to home, exceptional care is what made her journey so special.


Gabby's Journey

"My journey about re-lactating began about a week after my baby girl was born. She is our rainbow baby and my intentions from the start was to breastfeed, but the struggle with insurance companies and getting a pump caused me not to. Because of this, I was having some regrets in the first week when I wasn't doing what I set out to do. I decided to get in touch with the wonderful nurses in the Family Birth Center at Logansport Memorial Hospital a week after my daughter was born. They helped me get a pump, understand how to use it, and showed me techniques on how to feed from the breast."

Gabby continues...

"In the beginning, it was a struggle because I just wasn't producing what I thought I should, but I knew starting a week later -- I might not. But with the continued support of my wonderful husband and Lactation Consultant Lora Adams, I kept with it and just gave whatever I produced to our baby girl. I knew every little bit was better than nothing."

With determination and persistence, Gabby was able to achieve her breastfeeding goals.

"My persistence paid off and now my baby girl has been 100% breastmilk since she was 2 months old... and she is currently 6 months old. I am one to say that I had my doubts and debated, but I am so thankful that I did because I know I am giving my baby girl a healthy immunity to protect her now and in the future."

Gabby shares her experience and advice for new mothers:

"My advice to new mothers is it is never to late to try giving your baby breastmilk, whether it is breastfeeding or pumping."

Providing exceptional care at Logansport Memorial Hospital

Gabby's experience at Logansport Memorial Hospital started with her C-section and continued through exploring her options to breastfeed a week after her daughter's birth.

"The staff in the OB department was wonderful. They took great care of my daughter and I, especially when I wanted to start pumping a week late."

She shares thanks for her care team, including:

Baby-Friendly Initiative: providing the gold standard of maternity care

The Baby-Friendly Initiative at Logansport Memorial Hospital is a global effort for improving the role of maternity services to enable mothers to breastfeed babies for the best start in life. It aims at improving the care of pregnant women, mothers, and newborns at health facilities that provide maternity services for protecting, promoting, and supporting breastfeeding.

Our team of providers and nurses in the Family Birth Center use this initiative to enhance the childbirth experience and ensure that babies get the best start in life. 

Logansport Memorial's Family Birth Center upholds the Baby-Friendly Initiative's Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding. Some of the steps include helping mothers initiate breastfeeding, showing mothers how to breastfeed, and how to maintain lactation. This help and education can help mothers find success in their breastfeeding journeys.

Always here to help

Lactation Consultant Lora Adams shares:

"We never want you to regret a decision you make, and often times -- it's not too late. Like Gabby, a woman's body is able to re-lactate with hard work and determination. If you find yourself in a similar situation, please call us and let us help you achieve your goals, just like Gabby did!"

Our team in the Family Birth Center will not only help you navigate postpartum life, but will also celebrate your successes and achievements.

"Congratulations Gabby! Your work to provide breastmilk has been life changing for you and your daughter."

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