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Logansport Memorial Celebrates First Baby of 2024

The First Baby of 2024 arrived on January 2 at 7:15 AM in the Family Birth Center at Logansport Memorial Hospital. Baby boy Gilberth Hernandez-Morales was born on January 2, 2024 to first-time parents Lizbeth and Gilber.

“It’s incredible to have a human being come into the world, and for us, it was very important to receive this blessing…[he] is our first baby, the first baby of the family,” commented Gilber. “Initially, we were quite nervous, but right now our hearts are filled with happiness and it’s something incomparable.”

Baby Gilberth is also the first grandchild in the family, and though his grandparents do not live close, they are sending their love and admiration from a distance. Lizbeth and Gilber are eager to get their bundle of joy home and begin adjusting to life as a family of three.

Congratulations to the Hernandez-Morales family!