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Peru Medical Center moves to new space at Miami County YMCA

Last year, Logansport Memorial Hospital proudly announced the formation of a new partnership with the Miami County YMCA (MC YMCA), pledging to provide existing and additional healthcare services to the Miami County community inside the new YMCA building.


With construction now completed for the new Miami County YMCA, Logansport Memorial’s Peru Medical Center is relocating its primary and specialty care providers and services to the dedicated clinic space inside the building. The Logansport Memorial Peru Medical Center can now be found at 751 W 2nd Street, Suite 100.

Tenured primary care providers Dr. Stephen Kennedy and nurse practitioner Sharon Cooley are still accepting new patients and are available most days of the week for patients. Dr. Kennedy is a family medicine physician and accepts patients as newborns through adults and seniors. Sharon Cooley is an internal medicine nurse practitioner who accepts patients ages 18 and older. For additional access to primary care, family medicine nurse practitioner and Peru native Stacie Stutzman will also be accepting patients of all ages by appointment only.

Relocating to this new space has provided the opportunity to offer additional access to the specialty care services that are already part of the Peru Medical Center. Appointments are still required to see any of the specialists in the Peru Medical Center, but with additional exam rooms and a larger space for upgraded imaging and lab draw services, more patients can make the appointments they need with the LMH specialists they trust.

Specialty care offered at the Peru Medical Center includes:

  • Orthopedics
  • Podiatry (Foot and Ankle care)
  • Skin Care
  • OB/GYN and Women’s Health
  • Wound Care

Brand new, state-of-the-art imaging equipment for ultrasounds has been installed in the clinic space. X-rays are also available on-site as a diagnostic tool for primary and specialty care providers, and for the convenience of patients. Any necessary lab work can also be completed on-site before a patient leaves from their appointment.

As part of this partnership, patients of the Logansport Memorial Peru Medical Center can utilize the Miami County YMCA’s Childwatch services during their appointments as needed. This service is complimentary, to enhance the convenience of making a necessary healthcare appointment without the limitation of finding childcare. This service is only available during the patient’s appointment, and some restrictions will apply. Information regarding specific hours, check in procedures, and other details can be found by contacting the YMCA directly

Logansport Memorial Therapy Services will also have its own clinic space inside the Miami County YMCA, now located at 751 W 2nd Street, Suite 200. Physical therapy services were being offered in the limited space at the previous Peru Medical Center location, and now with a much larger footprint, more patients can access the physical therapy they need in maintaining or improving their quality of life. Occupational therapy will be an additional service now provided, with more space in the new facility to do so.

Logansport Memorial’s therapy services team will be using YMCA facility equipment during some sessions, to help with demonstrating how to do any recommended exercises for strength and conditioning safely and on your own after the series of therapy sessions are completed. Miami County YMCA wellness coaches can also continue with or supplement these physical or occupational therapy services by assisting with these exercises beyond the therapy sessions, as the Therapy Services team and the wellness coaches work together using this shared space for the benefit of Peru Medical Center patients and MC YMCA members. Having an option for physical or occupational therapy that is convenient to where a patient may already be exercising can make a difference in recovery, or in returning to or continuing with activities they love to do.

Logansport Memorial Hospital President and CEO Perry Gay commented on the exciting, expanded partnership with the Miami County YMCA. “This project has been an exciting and necessary investment in the health and wellness of Miami County residents. When we were approached as a potential partner in the project, I knew it was an additional investment and commitment that I wanted to make on behalf of the hospital for the patients we currently serve and could grow to serve here. Logansport Memorial’s mission is to be ‘the region’s partner in both wellness and treatment,’ and this opportunity has allowed us to fulfill that in a new way. We are grateful and proud to be the premier healthcare partner of Miami County, working with the Miami County YMCA to expand and enhance the access to necessary healthcare services right here at home.”

Miami County YMCA CEO Mark Demchak also commented, “This has been a true partnership in providing for the current and future healthcare needs of Miami County residents. Our organizations share similar goals in finding ways to improve the health status of the communities we serve. When we set out to build this new facility, we knew that having a trusted healthcare partner would be a tremendous benefit for our members, and would also significantly enhance the quality of life for residents in Miami County. Together, we are positioned to address a growing need for healthcare services and YMCA wellness services that will help residents of all ages, including kids and families. We look forward to the opportunities that will grow and develop in the future as a result of this long-term partnership.”

To make an appointment with one of the primary or specialty care providers at Logansport Memorial’s Peru Medical Center, please call (765) 919-4378. To make an appointment, or for questions about using Logansport Memorial’s Physical or Occupational Therapy Services, please call (765) 919-4444. For questions about Miami County YMCA services or membership opportunities, please call (765) 472-1979.