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Patient testimonial: Patrick Rentschler

Rehabilitation after a cardiac incident is an important part of the healing process. A cardiac rehabilitation program can help patients regain strength and stamina, while improving overall heart health. For Patrick Rentschler, the Cardiac Rehab Program at Logansport Memorial Hospital made all the difference in his recovery.

Patrick Rentschler and staff

Patrick's story

At the age of 42, Patrick Rentschler's heart condition caused him to experience the symptoms associated with congestive heart failure. His condition, a birth defect in his heart (known as a bicuspid aortic valve), made his heart leak as he aged. An aneurysm then formed on his aorta and the valve began to fail leading to his congestive heart failure symptoms.

His treatment

On November 20, 2019, Patrick underwent open heart aortic valve replacement and aneurysm repair surgery at the St. Vincent Heart Center in Indianapolis. 

"My defective valve was replaced with a new mechanical valve. I spent five days in the ICU before coming home. At week two, I began cardiac rehabilitation at Logansport Memorial Hospital."

Starting rehabilitationPatrick

Physicians throughout north central Indiana refer people to the Cardiopulmonary Services at Logansport Memorial Hospital for accessible and supportive care. For Patrick, his choice to receive his rehabilitation care at LMH was personal.

"I chose LMH for my cardiac rehab for one main reason -- my mother. Before her death in 2018, she had been attending cardiac rehab at LMH for about five years. She has been dealing with heart disease for years before she found the cardiac rehab program. During her years attending cardiac rehab, it greatly improved the quality of her life and she would often speak highly of the staff and the program. Once my surgery date had been set and I was told that I would need at attend a rehab program, I knew right where to go."

Patrick's rehabilitation experience

"I can't say enough about everything I experienced in that three month period of care. But as for the Cardiac Rehab team, I can say it is the most caring group of individuals I have ever had the privilege of being around."

Our Cardiac Rehab team takes great pride in making personal connections with each patient. And for Patrick, this relationship helped him make tremendous progress in his recovery.

"They not only provide a great structured program, but also physical and emotional support as well. I was able to make huge strides in the three months I attended rehab before work. I went from fresh out of surgery and barely able to walk around the house to running on the treadmill in the last few weeks of rehab. They knew when and when not to push harder, and they were there to coach me every step of the way."


While it can seem overwhelming to recover from an open heart surgery, Patrick is the proof that dedication, hard work, and help can get you to the finish line in your recovery plans. 

"A year later and I am doing amazing! I contribute a lot of that to the great after care I received at Logansport Memorial's Cardiac Rehab Program."

Special thanks

If there is anything that can be said from Patrick's story, it's that you can't do it alone. Now recovered, Patrick looks back on his healing journey with special thanks to the people who made it possible.

"I would like to recognize my cardiologist, Dr. Kyle Harry and my surgeon, Dr. David Heimansohn. Thank you to my primary care physician, Dr. Frank Utes. I would also like to thank and recognize my awesome Cardiac Rehab team: Cassie Hodgini, Amanda Maxwell, Amanda McLain, Becky Sutton, Tracy Berkshire, and Taylor Killings."

Cardiac Rehab Care at Logansport Memorial Hospital

Patients like Patrick have found help in their recovery with our Cardiac Rehab Program. Our program services include:

  • Heart health education
  • Diet consultations
  • Monitored exercise
  • Stress management
  • Support

If you or someone you know are experiencing heart issues, or are in need or cardiac rehabilitation services, call us at (574) 753-1405 to learn more. 

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