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Benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chambers for chronic wound care

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Everyone has had minor cuts and scrapes that they can take care of at home with a Band-Aid or two, but sometimes people get larger, more severe injuries on their body that linger. These are often deep, open wounds that seem to stop healing or heal very slowly.

For those patients, specialists can help you recover with a wide range of treatments to speed up wound healing. One cutting-edge option is called hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Read on to learn about the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chambers for treating persistent wounds.

Logansport Memorial Hospital's two hyperbaric oxygen chambers, which are used to treat patients with chronic wounds
Logansport Memorial Wound Care Center’s state-of-the-art hyperbaric oxygen chambers provide a unique form of wound care therapy that's close to home.

What are hyperbaric oxygen chambers?

Many factors go into healing injured tissue, from getting enough rest and keeping your wound clean to eating healing foods and keeping active. Another factor that’s crucial is oxygen. That’s because stubborn wounds require just the right amount of oxygen to promote proper heal and fight off infection.

Benefits of oxygen for chronic wound healing

When you have a wound starved for oxygen, you can give your body a boost of pure oxygen by spending time in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

After leaving your lungs, this concentration of oxygen is circulated by your blood and distributed throughout your body, getting everywhere—including those areas, like the tissue around non-healing wounds where there are oxygen deficiencies.

This influx of extra oxygen from the hyperbaric oxygen chamber turbo-charges the natural healing process. Because hyperbaric oxygen therapy works at a cellular level, it can even help your body create new connective tissue.

On top of being a powerful tool for healing, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a popular choice for treatment because it’s painless.

What happens in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber?

When you undergo each hour and a half treatment, how you pass the time is entirely up to you. Some patients relax by watching TV or listening to music, but you don’t have to stay awake. You’re welcome to sleep during your treatment.

When the session ends, you’ll notice a sensation is similar to the feeling you have as the pressure changes when an airplane lands.

What types of chronic wounds can be treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Patients with diabetic wounds, radiation wounds, and wounds from surgical or traumatic injuries are good candidates for hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

Discover what happens at a wound care center

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a unique, scientifically-proven type of treatment that helps make wounds heal faster—safely and naturally—when they don’t heal as they should.

Did you know ... hyperbaric oxygen chambers are so useful that they are also used for treating other conditions, including decompression sickness, traumatic brain injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning, sudden deafness, severe anemia, burns, and more?

Speed up wound healing at Logansport Memorial Hospital

You don’t have to live with a non-healing wound. Get state-of-the-art treatments—including hyperbaric oxygen therapy—from Logansport Memorial Wound Care Center’s experienced team of doctors, nurses, and therapists.

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