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Patient Testimonial: ER + ICU

Patrick's Story

At Logansport Memorial Hospital, Your Health is Our Passion... and so is your care experience. Our goal is to provide the highest level of quality care to our patients -- patients like Patrick. After coming in for a routine procedure, Patrick learned he was in persistent A-fib. This is his story...

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"It was determined that I was in persistent A-fib, and I was sent to the ER. I was there for about six hours and had a very nice nurse tend to me. Dr. Smith-Calliouet came and talked to me and made me feel good about the ER staff and their capabilities. We talked, and she said that she wanted me to live a long, healthy life and I could tell that she meant it.

I ended up going to the ICU for about 24 hours. The night nurse, Cheryl, took very good care of me and told me I was too easy -- she wanted to do more for me. Even though I couldn't sleep that night, I knew I was in good hands. The next morning, my nurse, Kourtney, came in with a cheerful attitude and lifted my spirits immediately. We had a very good conversation about my lab work and she told me that I would probably be released that afternoon. I told her about an important event that I had planned for the weekend, and she checked with Dr. Smith-Calliouet to see if it would be alright that I go. She said yes, which was extremely important to myself and my mother. She was very thorough while going over everything prior to my release.

I would like all three of these women to be recognized for the extra special care they gave me. They made all the difference in my experience at Logansport Memorial Hospital." 

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