Wound Care Center recognized for clinical excellence

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Logansport Memorial physicians, leaders, and clinicians gathered to recognize the Wound Care Center, a recipient of the Center of Distinction award by Healogics®, the nation's largest provider of advanced wound care services. The Center achieved outstanding clinical outcomes for twelve consecutive months, including a patient satisfaction rate higher than 92 percent.

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What your doctor wishes you knew about caring for diabetic foot ulcers

woman checks for diabetic foot ulcers

If you have type 1 and type 2 diabetes, you already know the importance of good diabetes management for preventing potential serious problems, such as nerve damage, poor blood circulation, and diabetic foot ulcers.

To help you keep your feet feeling good, this blog post shares tips on preventing non-healing sores and infections and covers why it’s essential to see an experienced podiatrist for your wound care.

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Warning signs of an infected wound

wound care

Wound infections occur when germs and bacteria get inside the wound and grow within the damaged skin. When a wound has become infected, you may experience symptoms such as pain, swelling, and redness. More severe infections can cause symptoms such as nausea, chills, and fever. If you have a wound that is becoming infected, it's important that you act fast to avoid any further damage.

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How experts assess and successfully treat a wound that won’t heal

Physician treating a wound that won’t heal

We all deal with minor wounds like burns, blisters, or scrapes every now and then and they typically heal naturally. But sometimes, wounds don’t respond to at-home treatment, and you might encounter a wound that won’t heal on its own.

Nearly seven million Americans suffer from these non-healing or chronic wounds. Living with a wound and not getting the right treatment can affect your quality of life or lead to new health issues or more serious problems, such as infections, limb loss, or, in the most severe cases, even death.

Read on to learn when (and how) to treat minor wounds at home properly, how the natural mending process works, and when to see a wound care specialist for a chronic wound that won’t heal.

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