Dr. Marsh Shares 3 Tips for Healthy Feet

The average person takes about 3,500 steps a day, or roughly 1.5 miles. Each step can place 2-3 times the force of your body weight on your feet. Most of us rely on our feet and ankles to take us from Point A to Point B without any problems. However, some of us are on our feet all day!

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Patient Testimonial - Eduardo Sanchez Castillo

At Logansport Memorial Hospital, we know how an unexpected injury or illness can impact your daily routine and quality of life. Ending up in the hospital can be scary and worrisome for patients and their families, and Eduardo Sanchez Castillo’s experience was no different. Luckily, he quickly learned that he was in good hands with Jennay Jones, NP and the rest of our skilled staff in the Wound Care Center. Thanks to the high-quality care of our Wound Care Center staff and advanced treatment methods like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Eduardo was able to get back on his feet and regain his independence.

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Patient Testimonial: Dee Hensel

When it comes to wound care, stress can play a major factor in your healing journey. For many, being in a clinical setting can spike stress and anxiety. It’s important to be able to trust your caregivers, and here at Logansport Memorial, we go above and beyond to develop relationships with our patients and provide personalized, high-quality care for our community. Dee Hensel found a sense of comfort and ease in knowing she was in good hands with our staff at the Wound Care Center.

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Wound care center named center of distinction for 2022

The Logansport Memorial Hospital Wound Care Center was recognized once again as a Center of Distinction by Healogics®, the nation’s largest provider of advanced wound care services. The Wound Care Center achieved outstanding clinical outcomes for twelve consecutive months, including a patient satisfaction rate higher than 92 percent. This is the third year in a row that the Center has been a recipient of this award.

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How to heal burned skin with proper burn wound care

burned hand wound

Whether you got a minor burn on your hand while taking a pan out of the oven—or something more serious—administering good burn wound care can help you heal from your injury and prevent infection.

This blog article discusses the causes of most burns, how to treat minor burns at home, and when to see a doctor for more severe burn wound care.

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