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Logansport Memorial Hospital using its new CT Scanner

Logansport Memorial Hospital is proud to announce that a new 32-slice CT scanner, made in America by General Electric, has been purchased and placed adjacent to the Emergency Department. By placing the scanner closer to the ER, transporting times and exam result times have been greatly reduced. This move also allowed the hospital to continue using its old CT Scanner while the new CT Scanner was being installed.

“This CT Scanner has enhanced diagnostic capabilities and is able to take 32 pictures at one time. It doubles the number of pictures we can now take, compared with the previous 16-slice CT Scanner,” explains Mike Etter, Director of Ancillary Services at Logansport Memorial Hospital. “The new scanner uses higher resolution and 3-D imaging. It actively measures the body thickness as it scans and because of that, it reduces radiation exposure for patients while still delivering superior quality images. This scanner is the first one of its kind in this area, and we are very proud to have it here,” he says.

A CT Scan has many uses, but it is especially helpful for quickly examining people who may have internal injuries from car accidents or other types of trauma. It is also an important tool in diagnosing the early onset of strokes where timing is crucial.

With the exception of cardiac imaging, the new CT scanner is capable of performing most CT exams that a physician might order. “Because of the new technologies and capabilities with this equipment, patients in our community should now be able to get almost any CT scan done here locally that they need,” says Mike.

If you have any questions or concerns about CT scans or would like to know more about the new equipment, please contact Mike Etter at 574.753.1400.