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LMH milk depot: meet our donor Brittany Wagoner

Logansport Memorial Hospital is proud to be an official Milk Depot for The Milk Bank of Indianapolis. Shortly after receiving the first donation, LMH Lactation Specialist Lora Adams had another mother ready to donate to babies in need. Mother to four, Brittany Wagoner, knows the importance of breast milk for babies and development, which made her decision to donate that much easier.

milk donor brittany

Meet Brittany Wagoner

"I heard about Milk Depots over the years of breastfeeding four kids. I decided it would be a good idea to donate because I feel like I am very blessed to be able to produce extra milk and I would love to be able to help other babies in need so that they can grow and develop healthily."

Navigating how to care for a new baby adds enough stress to mothers. Figuring out how to feed your baby shouldn't be one of those worries.

"I'm looking forward to helping to relieve the stress on mothers who may struggle to produce milk."

Brittany adds, "I'm looking forward to giving the babies the food and nutrition they need from my breast milk donation."

Finding support in our Lactation Specialist

Lora Adams has played a key role in connecting mothers ready to donate with the right information. Her care goes far beyond the stay at the hospital, and for patients like Brittany -- this level of care has not been forgotten.

"Lora has been an amazing support system. She has been my cheerleader and saving grace since I met her in labor. She really helped to refresh me on breastfeeding and any time I had a question, I knew I could ask her without hesitation and she would always answer me. She helped me and encouraged me to donate breast milk when I wasn't completely sure at the beginning. She gave me the information I needed and pointed me to additional resources like her breastfeeding Facebook group that sends out helpful tips. She is such an amazing nurse, person, and breastfeeding supporter!"

Brittany's message to mothers

Making the choice to breastfeed is not always easy. For Brittany, the choice to breastfeed didn't come until she had some encouragement from a friend. 

"I've now breastfed four babies and have no regrets at all. I actually started my first baby on formula the first day of her life, but once my friend encouraged me to try it -- it was completely natural and meant to be. Breastfeeding hasn't always been a breeze, but it has always been worth it to push through."

Brittany knows breastfeeding can be challenging, but has found resources and support for the journey.

"I know breastfeeding isn't for everyone. Sometimes it may feel like it can be hard, exhausting, overwhelming, or lonely but that extra bonding time you get is so special. And it does get easier! You're never alone... Lora runs a great Facebook group to help you connect with other breastfeeding moms."

Encouraging others to donate

Being a breast milk donor can feel so rewarding. Through encouragement from friends and information, Brittany connected with Lora to donate and now encourages other moms to join her in the donation process.

"I think other moms should certainly donate if they can. The process is so easy. And you don't have to make a lot of milk to donate. With my first child, I was able to donate a little bit. For my other two children, I only made enough to produce for them. And now, with my fourth, I have been blessed to have extra milk to donate to babies in need. Any little bit helps, so if you're even considering it -- you should do it! I have only pumped twice a day since I left the hospital with my fourth, and I have been able to make an incredible amount to donate. I cannot wait to donate more!"

Milk Donation

Thank you BrittanyLora and Amanda with Milk

As Brittany arrived at Logansport Memorial Hospital, she surprised everyone with the amount of milk she had ready for her first donation. After counting and storing it all, Lora shared with Brittany that she donated 3,000 ounces of breast milk. An incredible gift from a mother who cares.

Thank you Brittany for trusting Logansport Memorial to assist in your donation process. Your gift will benefit many babies through The Milk Bank of Indianapolis. 

The benefit of a Milk Bank

Pasteurized donor human milk (PDHM) is collected and used for circumstances including:

  • Prematurity
  • Failure to thrive
  • Malabsorption issues
  • Pre and post-operative nutrition
  • Adoption
  • Absent or insufficient lactation

** For a complete list of PDHM uses, visit The Milk Bank website

Learn more about The Milk Bank

Are you interested in becoming a breast milk donor through The Milk Bank? Are you wanting to learn more about how you can help? Contact Lora Adams at (574) 753-1705 for more information on how you can get started in your breast milk donation journey.

For more information about The Milk Bank, and how you can support them, visit their website

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