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CARE Testimonial: Physical Therapy

At Logansport Memorial Hospital, we value all of our patients and community members, because we CARE about everyone we serve. When a patient or their loved one has been treated with CARE by anyone of the LMH team, we encourage them to share their feedback with us. One of our most recent CARE submissions is from Bernard Mittica, who wanted to share his story about the excellent care he received in Physical Therapy.

CEO Perry Gay with Bernard Mittica's nominated CARE winner, Stephanie Lewellen, PT

CEO Perry Gay with Bernard Mittica's nominated CARE winner,
Stephanie Lewellen, PT

Bernard's experience

"I wanted to bring awareness to an outstanding staff member who was made available to me at Logansport Memorial Hospital. I was involved in a significant motor vehicle accident last March that left me non-weight bearing for over a hundred days. I was flown from the scene by helicopter. I sustained multi-fractures to my legs, hips, feet, ribs, and arm which required several surgeries leaving me with pins and hardware."

Bernard was taken to South Bend Memorial after the accident, but then was transferred to Woodbridge Health Campus for further rehab. Following his stay at Woodbridge, he was sent home. 

"I did not hesitate to seek out as much care at Logansport Memorial as I could. There is nothing better than to be greeted by the Valet Staff at Logansport Memorial. Bill, Tom, and Terry assisted in lifting me in and out of our vehicle to my wheelchair several times. They would push me inside and would wait with me until my family could join me inside to transport me further throughout the hospital."

Physical therapy with Stephanie Lewellen

While Bernard shared his thankfulness for our Valet Staff, he also wanted to be sure that his appreciation for Stephanie Lewellen, PT was known.

"I would like to express my appreciation towards Stephanie Lewellen. Her professionalism is outstanding. Words cannot explain her knowledge, patience, motivation, keen sense, and how she continued to educate me on the healing process. She worked vigorously with me on recovery exercises. My injuries were overwhelming both physically and mentally at times. I did not recognize the speedy recovery taking place because of Stephanie's abilities. During my therapy session, she would make comments of encouragement. She always stated how I did a "Great job today Bernie! I am grateful for the Physical Therapy department at Logansport Memorial Hospital and their ability to retain staff like Stephanie Lewellen."

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