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The importance of family medicine doctors

If there’s something weird (and it don’t look good), who you gonna call? Even though the Ghostbusters might come to mind first because of their famous theme song, you’re better off calling your family medicine doctor. They are the ones you can trust when something with your body isn’t quite right and you need help. 

Family medicine doctor smiles at a toddler and her mother during a check-up visit

Read on to learn more about the benefits of lifelong, patient-centered care and the role of family medicine doctors.

What are family medicine doctors?

Family medicine doctors are basically primary care providers who follow you through your whole life.

They see everyone: toddlers, teens, young adults, people in middle age, and even retirees who are well into their 80s and 90s.

They know what’s “normal” for you

Seeing the same patients decade after decade gives family physicians a special, more complete understanding of their patients’ health throughout their lifetime.

Through these long-lasting relationships, they build trust and get to know every detail of their patients’ medical histories.

Having this intimate familiarity means they can provide even better care for their patients. It helps them spot problems and notice other changes in health sooner so they can make more accurate diagnoses, create more effective treatment plans, and give more customized medication recommendations.

What do family physicians do?

Most patients see their family doctor once a year for their annual check-up exam. But, that’s not all they can do for their patients.

From performing minor surgical procedures and providing diabetes care to fixing sinus infections and helping patients manage arthritis pain, these providers can treat a wide range of basic health issues.

In fact, a family doctor can even help you through pregnancy.

Specialists vs. family medicine doctors

Family medicine doctors are basically “comprehensivists.” They have broad-based training. This gives them the tools and know-how to treat their patients’ whole bodies.

Unlike a cardiologist whose focus area is chronic heart conditions or an oncologist who specializes in cancer treatment, family doctors are experts in providing truly comprehensive care.

If you have a serious health concern and need very specific, concentrated care, trust your family physician to leverage their network to spare you the stress of finding the best specialist based on your needs.

Get continuity of care at Logansport Memorial Hospital

Do you have a go-to medical resource? Who are you going to call the next time you experience new or unusual symptoms?

If you are looking for a new provider to support your wellness through every season of your life, Logansport Memorial Hospital can help. Our team of physicians and nurse practitioners in LMPN Family Medicine provides close-to-home care that’s personalized based on your health needs.

Call (574) 722-4921 to make an appointment.

Meet our Family Medicine providers

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