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The benefits of close-to-home cancer care

For some patients, receiving the very best cancer care requires traveling away from home, and that travel can be a roadblock for some who need comprehensive cancer treatment.

Life after getting a cancer diagnosis is filled with all sorts of challenges, but your cancer care journey doesn’t have to include the burden of travel.

During your treatment journey, you will need to see several doctors and specialists. For some patients, this process involves traveling to many different places to get all of the care they need to get better.

Close-to-home cancer care has many benefits

If you’re lucky enough to live near a comprehensive cancer treatment facility, like the modern Cancer Care Center at Logansport Memorial which serves people throughout Cass, Miami, and Fulton counties, you can get exceptional, patient-centered cancer care in a convenient, close-to-home location.

Getting the support you need

Whether you’re going in for chemo or need to get a PET scan, the road to recovery is easier when you have loved ones around to help when you need it for day-to-day and emotional support.

Getting nearby cancer care at one centralized location is not only less of a burden for you, but it will also make it easier for your local friends and family to assist you when you need a helping hand.

Helping you budget for care

The process of getting cancer treatment doesn’t just affect your health and well-being. It will also take a significant toll on your finances, even if you have health insurance or Medicare.

In general, the necessary costs associated with cancer treatment can vary based on how many providers and the types of technologies available.

According to the American Cancer Society, patients who live in more metropolitan areas that generally have a higher cost of living often have to pay a much higher price for treatment. Not having to travel far away to get comprehensive, leading-edge treatment makes cancer care more affordable.

At local leading-edge cancer care centers, you can get big-city care in a friendly and convenient setting where you know the staff, and they know your mind, body, and spirit. At all-in-one facilities, the communication is often better between multiple specialists treating you for different parts of your diagnosis, and it’s easier to arrange more fully-integrated coordination of cancer care services and follow-ups for survivors.

Smaller, compassionate community settings usually offer flexible scheduling and eliminate some of the stress and discomfort involved in traveling to a prominent yet unfamiliar place.

Cancer care at Logansport Memorial Hospital

At the only cancer center of its kind in north central Indiana, the team of dedicated experts at Logansport Memorial Hospital use sophisticated treatments and high-quality, cancer-fighting technologies to provide world-class, customized care that helps patients achieve the best possible outcome, no matter what type of cancer they’re battling.

Learn more about the Cancer Care Center

Going through cancer treatment can be an emotional journey. Our number one goal is to eliminate as many barriers as possible so that our patients can focus their energy on getting well.

We provide our patients with the option of staying close to home for high-quality care. At Logansport Memorial Hospital, you can receive advanced services and the same top-of-the-line treatments using technology and equipment that is also used in larger cities like Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and South Bend.

For questions about our cancer care services, call (574) 753-9000.

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