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Patient testimonial: sports medicine

Logansport Memorial's Sports Medicine program was designed to diagnose and treat sports injuries as quickly and safely as possible, while preventing further injuries. We partner with local schools, sports teams, and other athletes to provide all-inclusive sports medicine care that's on-site and convenient. Our athletic trainers are there, on and off the field, ready to care for any injury. And for Jonathan Moss, this streamlined care got him back to what he loves.

football player catching ball

The injury

With any contact sport, you run the risk of injury -- even during safe play. For Jonathan, this football season brought him two injuries: collar bone pain and a fractured ankle. 

The collar bone injury

Logansport Memorial Athletic Trainer Sydney Latham was the first line of defense for Jonathan's sports injuries. Luckily, the collar bone was able to be diagnosed and treated by Sydney directly.

"With my shoulder injury, Sydney evaluated me daily and assisted me with physical therapy. She checked in on me every day to make sure I was healing properly."

The ankle injury

While we can always hope that no athlete is injured twice a season... that was not the case for Jonathan. After recovering from his collar bone injury, Jonathan found himself needing sports medicine care again. And this time, for a fractured ankle.

"Sydney assisted me with my ankle from the beginning... the night of the injury. She has monitored me every step of the way, even connecting me with the orthopedics team."

Our team of athletic trainers work closely with physical therapists, board-certified orthopedic surgeons, and our foot and ankle specialist to create personalized treatment plans that are the right fit for each athlete, each injury.

"Sydney recommended me to see Dr. Lebrija and Dr. Ummel for further care. Her recommendation led to a great treatment plan. She always checked in on me and helped me every step of the way."

Here to care

Our athletic trainers are an essential part of our sports medicine team. They provide comprehensive, coordinated care to ensure the safety -- and success -- of student athletes so they can always perform at their highest ability. Some of the services they provide include:

  • Injury and illness prevention
  • Conditioning programs
  • Pre-practice and pre-game preparations
  • Communication with coaches and parents
  • At-home follow-up care, as needed

For more information, or to learn more about our providers, visit our website. At Logansport Memorial Hospital, we're here to care for all of life's moments. 

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