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Patient testimonial: Monique Solly

Having surgery close to home is great. Having surgery close to home that exceeds your expectations is even better. And for Monique Solly, her surgical experience with Dr. Jason Ummel did just that.

monique solly testimonial

The story

After a back surgery in 2011, Monique noticed a change. By 2013, that change was noticeable in the way she walked. And by 2015, that change had become so severe that others began to comment on her bow leggedness. 

"I knew I started to walk funny after my back surgery," shared Monique. "I just didn't realize how bad it was. Once I became bow legged, my knee caps would slip to the sides and were full of arthritis."

Once it was too painful to walk, Monique realized it was time to seek treatment. After establishing with her family provider, Dr. Viktor Hinov, he referred her to see Dr. Ummel in LMPN Orthopedics.

"I knew I was going to like him the minute I walked in the office."

From the first interaction, Monique knew she was in good hands with Dr. Ummel. This trust and comfort led her to having total knee replacement in her right and left knees.

"When Dr. Ummel first saw my X-rays, he just kept looking at them and said 'wow'. I knew that they were bad... but his reaction confirmed just how bad my knees were. I had my first surgery on my right knee in November. It went great! I was able to go home the same day, and I was walking within a few hours. It was awesome! I did therapy here at Logansport Memorial and healed up nicely."

After recovering from her first replacement, Monique went back to Dr. Ummel to address the pain in her left knee.

"When I went back in for my left knee, Dr. Ummel talked to me about my X-ray. He basically told me that my left knee was so bad that it was being held up with arthritis. I ended up having my left knee done in December. I woke up with a brace, which was different than the first time, but my left knee was much worse than my right. I ended up staying in the hospital after this surgery, just to get used to the brace. Dr. Ummel eventually went back in to manipulate the knee to help me bend it. And even though I woke up in a little bit of pain, I was SO happy because I could finally bend my knee again."

The importance of getting the care you need

There is never a good time for surgery. It doesn't usually fall at the top of the priority list. But in certain cases, it's exactly the care you need. For Monique, her quality of life was suffering from the pain she was experiencing in her knees.

Dr. Ummel gave me my quality of life back!

"I can do things now that I haven't been able to do in a long time. My daughter even made the comment 'look at you climbing the stairs' because it's something that I haven't been able to do without pain. Ever since my replacements, I have been able to ride a bike again, and walk for a distance. I have had friends tell me they love to watch me walk and tell me I look so good because my legs are straight now."

Monique not only improved her physical health, but her mental health too.

"I was just so depressed before I had my knees done because I couldn't do anything without being in pain. I would just sit at home and felt like I was missing out because it was too painful to try and do things. I have a grandbaby that would want me to chase him around and I couldn't do it. But now I can. It means the world to me to run behind him and chase him up the stairs. I can walk my property now, and it felt good to do that.. I was so happy with myself that I could do it. And I am just so happy with my knees."

Expert care

Monique wasn't sure what to expect after being referred to LMPN Orthopedics. After meeting Dr. Ummel, and being under his care, she wouldn't choose anywhere else.

"I used to be seen in Lafayette. It's just where I would go. When I had a change in jobs and insurance, I started to see Dr. Hinov in Logansport for my primary care. He is really good, and I trusted his referral to Dr. Ummel, but I didn't know what to expect. But Dr. Ummel is amazing! He's young, he talks to you, and he just cares. In my past experiences with providers, I have always felt like I am just talking to the back of their heads because they are looking at the computer. Not Dr. Ummel! He sits right in front of you and talks to you. When I told him that I felt like he really cared, he replied that he does care. And he's not just nice in the office. I saw him at Walmart, and he took the time to stop and talk to me and see how I was doing. I just love that about him. I told him that too. I gave him a hug and told him thank you for giving me my quality of life back. He's amazing, and I just can't say enough good things about him!"

Convenience and quality of care

Based on Monique's location, her options were open when it came time for orthopedic care.

"I live right in the middle of Logansport and Kokomo. When I was thinking about where I would go, I really wanted to choose Logansport because I do my shopping here, I have worked here for a long time, and I know the area. I was more comfortable with the idea of being in Logansport. It meant a lot to me to have such a good experience in Logansport. I'm very happy with my care, and Dr. Ummel is such a good doctor. Ever since I have had my surgeries, I pass on recommendations for him any chance I can get. Because of the care I received, I feel comfortable recommending him to friends and even strangers. I even give out his business card if I have one. And if I had more of his cards, I would hand them out to everyone because I can't say enough about how good of a doctor he is."

Monique's experience with Dr. Ummel and Logansport Memorial Hospital changed her perspective about the services and capabilities offered here at home. The biggest compliment a provider, or even facility, can receive is a recommendation. And for Monique, she feels so confident and comfortable in the level of care she received at Logansport Memorial Hospital that she happily will share her experience with others suffering from knee pain.

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