Workouts that burn calories and make you stronger

When it comes to exercising and staying active, you can’t go wrong with options that not only provide cardio but strength-training, too. Combined with a healthy diet, workouts that make your body move will burn calories and make you stronger are essential for shedding extra weight and getting healthier.

Read on to learn more about how strength-training and cardio exercises can help you reach your fitness and athletic goals.

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Patient testimonial: Sports Medicine

No one expects to get hurt playing sports, but sometimes student athletes find themselves in need of care after a sports injury. Logansport Memorial's Sports Medicine program was designed to diagnose and treat these sports injuries, quickly and safely. Our partnership with local schools allows for student athletes to receive streamlined care, on and off the field. And for student athlete Caleb Crook, that direct access to care got him the help he needed for his injury.

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The benefits of weight-loss coaching

How amazing would it be if, on day one of a new weight-loss program, you lost all cravings for junk food? The reality is that while losing weight—and after!—there will always be temptations.

Weight-loss coaches can help you navigate those challenges when the struggle is real.

Whatever your motivation is for losing weight, the process isn’t easy—especially when you try to do it on your own. Working with a partner who “gets it” can make a difference. Weight-loss coaches have the necessary knowledge and experience to provide practical solutions when you face challenges (and they’re also there to help you celebrate every victory along the way, too).

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of weight-loss coaching.

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