Diabetic skin care: Dealing with cuts and scratches

A person with diabetes with a minor cut on his knee

This article is part of the Complete Guide to Wound Care.

Getting random cuts, grazes, bumps, scrapes, and scratches now and then is just part of being alive. These types of tiny injuries to your skin are considered minor wounds.

Minor wound healing is a complicated process, and when you have diabetes it’s even more complex. That’s because your body’s ability to start the three-stage wound healing process when you have a laceration is often is inhibited by the disease.

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When do you need to get a colonoscopy?

Colon Picture

Regular screenings, like colonoscopies, are key in preventing many colorectal cancers. Screenings can find diseases in people who show no symptoms, and may not even think they are sick at all. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in both men and women, and having a colonoscopy is your best form of prevention.

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Why early detection is crucial for beating colon cancer

A doctor holding a colon cancer patient's hands

Colon cancer is always an unwelcome life interrupter.

Most of the time, the disease begins in your large intestine without your knowing. More than half of patients diagnosed with colon cancer never notice any symptoms, which is why it’s crucial to go through regular screening tests as part of your healthcare routine. Doing so may help your doctor find colon cancer early, which it’s easiest to treat.

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How to have a safe and healthy halloween

Halloween Blog

With the trick-or-treating season upon us, it's important to remember how to have a safe and healthy Halloween. From costumes to candy, learn how to best prepare your children for this Halloween season.

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