What does an internal medicine doctor do for their patients, and should I be seeing one?

doctor using tethescope

If you’ve ever looked for a new doctor, you may have wondered, what does an internal medicine doctor do, and are they right for me? There are several different types of healthcare providers with different specialties, which can confuse choosing the right doctor.

This blog article will explain what an internal medicine doctor treats, the difference between internal medicine and family medicine, and who you should see for your care.

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What are common appendicitis symptoms? Plus, how it is it treated

woman laying on couch in pain from appendicitis symptoms

Appendicitis is a condition that results when your appendix, a small worm-like structure in the lower-right side of your abdomen, becomes inflamed. You may feel painful appendicitis symptoms if becomes infected, so it’s important to know the signs of an appendix infection to avoid this serious condition.

Although your appendix—which hangs down from the large intestine—doesn't serve any specific purpose in your body, you may require surgery to remove the organ if you are diagnosed with appendicitis.

Read on to learn more about symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment of the condition, find out who typically gets appendicitis, and discover whether or not it can be prevented.

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Patient testimonial: Jason Stover

When it comes to health care, not all hospitals are the same. From the services offered to the people who treat you, each experience is different from the last. For Jason Stover, he found care like he had never had before... right here at Logansport Memorial Hospital.

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Common urologic diseases and when to see a urologist for care

physician speaks with patient about symptoms of urologic diseases

If you’re having urinary problems, it could be a sign of a medical condition or one of the urologic diseases that we regularly see in our practice. Since the symptoms and severity of these conditions vary, it’s essential to see an experienced urologist when something seems off.

This blog article will discuss some of the most common urologic diseases, the symptoms to watch for, and who is most at risk.

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Staying healthy and fit as you age

Aging is inevitable, however -- how you age is entirely up to you. Exercising, getting enough rest, and eating a well balanced diet sets a great foundation for overall health, both in your younger years and as you age.

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