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Logansport Memorial Hospital presents new online wellness resources

Logansport Memorial Hospital has recently partnered with EBSCO Information Services to publish an online health information library on the LMH website. You can view and use this health library by visiting


EBSCO Information Services has developed this resource for hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare organizations to use in providing reliable, evidence-based health and wellness information for their patients and communities. EBSCO Information Services is the only resource vendor providing 100% evidence-based content that is developed, published, and reviewed by medically-credentialed experts. The content is also updated continuously throughout the year to ensure accuracy as evidence develops or changes.

Logansport Memorial Hospital seeks to fulfill our mission of making “your health our passion” by bringing this information to you locally. All of the information provided in this Health Library is free for you to access, view, and use as you make your own health and wellness a priority.

According to a PEW Research study, 80% of all Internet users surveyed have searched online for health information. This translates to almost 113 million American adults (18+) using the Internet to find relevant health information for themselves. The information in our new Health Library is presented in an easy-to-understand manner that helps users make appropriate and informed personal healthcare and wellness decisions.

Content topics include aging and health, allergies, food and nutrition, kids and teen health, medication management, smoking cessation, workplace health, and many more. The online content also features an interactive symptom checker, A-Z fact sheets covering almost 1,500 conditions and procedures, as well as various video clips and health calculators.

Visit our “Health Resources” tab at to explore our new Health Library and all that it can offer you. If you have questions or comments about using this resource, please email to share them with us.