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Logansport Memorial delivers significant community benefits in 2011

Each year, Logansport Memorial Hospital looks to participate in programs and offer services that uphold our mission, to be your community resource for optimal health. The programs and services that we measure for our calculated community benefit are designed to improve health in our community as a response to recognized community needs.

These programs and services are demonstrations of ways that we contribute to our community without being reimbursed, through events and activities such as classes, screenings, trail maintenance, donations, charity care, and much more.

A standardized reporting format designed by the Catholic Health Association, which meets AHA and IRS reporting requirements, is used for all calculations of community benefits provided. LMH is proud to report that in 2011, a total of $14,065,869 was expended for the benefit of our community. This is a 30% increase from the benefits delivered from the previous year. Of that amount, LMH paid $1,233,111 for part or all of the healthcare costs for our community family members who couldn't afford them.

The two largest contributions that were made in the past year, for charity care and un-reimbursed costs of public programs, are in direct alignment with our mission and are essential for the well-being and vitality of our community. 

A detailed report can be viewed on our website by clicking on the "Media Center".

Caring for our community family is a long-standing tradition at Logansport Memorial Hospital. We are honored to be able to provide these programs and services to meet the needs of community members beyond the hospital walls, both in 2011 and in the years to come.