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LMH promotes team of surgeons and comprehensive approach to orthopedics care

At Logansport Memorial Hospital (LMH), we have been hard at work to continue bringing our "Building Better Health" tagline to life. Our physicians, providers, and staff throughout the various clinics, offices, and departments, both on-campus and at our off-site locations in the surrounding counties of Miami, Fulton, and Carroll, are committed to partnering with the patients and families we serve to achieve optimal health. LMH has been fortunate to experience significant growth over the past few years, specifically with new providers and specialties that have joined our network. That growth has built a larger team, extending the dynamic and supportive care that we can offer across the north-central Indiana region, while still keeping our patients conveniently and comfortably close to home.

lmh orthopedic team

The care that we are proud to extend to the region we serve includes a wide array of advanced clinical specialties. Some are newer (Wound Care, Cancer Care) and some have been part of our network for some time now. One of the specialties that has been here for many years but has grown and changed with new providers and new technologies is Orthopedics. Because of recent growth and advancements in care, Logansport Memorial Hospital is pleased to promote our experienced team of orthopedic surgeons, a foot and ankle specialist, and physical therapists who are committed to keeping you active, or helping you return to the mobility you desire.

If joint pain is keeping you from living your life, or if pain from a sports injury is keeping you sidelined, the experts at Logansport Memorial Hospital can help. We offer the latest in total joint replacement, including the less invasive anterior approach for hips. Treatment and non-surgical options for hands and wrists, knees, shoulders, feet and ankles are also part of our expertise. Our team of board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians are available here at Logansport Memorial Hospital, and also for appointments at the Logansport Memorial Peru Medical Center based in Miami County. Physical therapy is also currently available by appointment only at the Peru Medical Center.

With the upcoming move of Logansport Memorial's Peru Medical Center to the new Miami County YMCA facility, appointment availability for orthopedics and physical therapy will be expanded by the end of this year. Plans to also expand orthopedic services at Logansport Memorial's Rochester Health Center in Fulton County are tentatively set for development within the next year. 

From initial diagnosis to lasting rehabilitation, our team uses the latest advances to help patients get back to doing what they love. Our team's expertise includes (but is not limited to):

  • Fracture and trauma care
  • Joint pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis
  • Joint replacements for the knees, hips, shoulders, fingers, and ankles
  • Sports medicine, including torn ACLs and rotator cuff injuries
  • Hand and wrist care, including carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, and Dupuytren's contracture
  • Foot and ankle care, including a highly specialized 3D bunion procedure and total ankle replacements
  • Minimally-invasive procedures
  • Sprains and strains of muscles, tendons, and ligaments

"I am incredibly proud of the team we have put together to serve our patients across the north central Indiana region." - Perry Gay, President and CEO of Logansport Memorial Hospital

"I am incredibly proud of the team we have put together to serve our patients across the north central Indiana region," commented Perry Gay, President and CEO for Logansport Memorial Hospital. "Each of these physicians is committed to providing each patient with the highest standards of orthopedic care. Working together closely as a team, with such a variety of expertise in so many areas of the body, allows for our experts to share their knowledge, training, and experience to deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients."

Perry went on to say, "It is always our priority to invest in the health of Cass County, and the counties across north-central Indiana that we are privileged to serve. We recognize the ongoing need for additional providers in specialties like Orthopedics, and the need for expanded care that brings specialty services to patients in their own communities. Just a few years ago, we only had two orthopedic surgeons who offered limited services for our patients locally. When patients couldn't get what they needed, they had no choice but to travel and go elsewhere for comprehensive orthopedics care."

"Since that time, we have grown our practice to include six providers (three orthopedic surgeons, a podiatrist, a nurse practitioner and a physician's assistant) along with a team of eight certified athletic trainers serving six county schools across the region with sports medicine services. With the team of providers that we now have, I am confident that the scope of services and quality of care you would expect to find in a big city is available right here at home."

Dr. Kral Varhan, Dr. Ganesh Ramachandran, and Dr. Jason Ummel are all accepting new patients in Logansport Memorial Orthopedics. To make an appointment, call (574) 722-2663 (BONE). Patients can typically be scheduled at Logansport Memorial Orthopedics within 48 hours of calling for an appointment. Dr. E. Alex Lebrija is also accepting new patients at the Logansport Memorial Foot and Ankle Center. To make an appointment with Dr. Lebrija, call (574) 753-3338 (FEET).

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