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LMH enters into new agreement for Emergency Room Services

Logansport Memorial Hospital has signed a contract with Advocating Health ER, LLC to provide Emergency Room services effective January 1, 2014. Advocating Health, led by Dr. Kayur Patel, is a patient-centric healthcare group with a senior management team that has over 40 years of cumulative expertise in healthcare.

Dr. Patel states, “Traditionally, Emergency Room Departments have been staffed by a large corporation where there is a significant amount of movement within the organization, creating inconsistency with the providers at a local facility. This in turn impacts the level of care that is being delivered and at times does not meet local community expectations. In order for one to be sustainable in the long term, it is imperative to ensure that the standards of quality are not compromised. The first step lies in hiring the right physicians, and creating a long term partnership track where all are vested for the long term.”

David Ameen, President/CEO, Logansport Memorial Hospital comments, “The emergency care system is challenged in a number of ways. Some of the key concerns include an increasing demand for services, a difficult reimbursement environment and inefficient system-wide processes that affect ED throughput. As Emergency Departments become major points of access for patients, getting adequate physician coverage is a priority for patient satisfaction and care. We are confident that Advocating Health is a good fit for our community and hospital. We are looking forward to the partnership.”

Dr. Patel further adds, “We are taking medicine and the Emergency Department structure back 30 years, and creating a small partnership group versus what’s out there today. We aim at serving the Logansport community with consistency of the same physicians, not only today, but those that will be here 5-10 years down the line.”

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