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Better Health of Cass County announces initiatives

The mission of Better Health of Cass County (BHCC) is to provide coordination and opportunities to improve health and well-being of Cass County residents.

BHCC embraces these values:

  • Our community should strive to make medical care available to everyone.
  • Our community should encourage healthy lifestyles through education and through quality of life initiatives such as the local trail system.
  • Individuals should be encouraged to take personal responsibility for their health and wellbeing.
  • Cass County employers should embrace their role in developing a healthy workforce.
  • Our health care services network should support these efforts.

BHCC is a collaborative of professionals focusing their efforts to address the health needs of
Cass County residents. The collaborative focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles and individual responsibility by raising awareness of current health services, promoting individual responsibility for personal health, monitoring community health conditions, generating and leveraging resources and reporting progress to the community.

Founding organizations include: Logansport Memorial Hospital, United Way of Cass County, Area Five Agency on Aging and Community Services, Four County Counseling, YMCA, Pharos Tribune, Consolidated Union, Cass County Government, City of Logansport, Logansport Community School Corporation, Logansport Economic Development Foundation and Cass County Department of Health.

After analyzing key health information for Cass County, BHCC has recommended that four taskforces be commissioned. The task forces are:

1. Teenage Pregnancy – To empower Cass County youth to make well informed decisions about their health and well-being, which will assist them in achieving their long term life goals.

2. Obesity – To improve the overall health of Cass County residents by promoting/providing opportunities for physical activity and healthy nutrition.

3. Reduce Healthcare Cost – To improve health of employees and families of Cass County employers.

4.Tobacco Cessation – To reduce tobacco use among the adults and youth of Cass County.

Taskforces will be led by a champion leader and have membership from healthcare service providers, social service agencies, faith-based organizations, educational institutions, consumers, advocates, businesses, elected officials and the general public. Each taskforce has identified target goals, outcomes, strategies and measurements.

To learn more about BHCC or participate on a taskforce, contact Mike Meagher, BHCC Chair at 574-722-4451.