Thursday, February 16, 2017

Are you a woman suffering from chronic pain?

Chronic pain may arise from an injury, an illness or have no clear cause. Migraines, pelvic pain, abdominal pain... all have been shown to be more common in women than men. Chronic pain from these sources and others disrupts the quality of life of women throughout Logansport and North Central Indiana. Seeking relief can feel like an insurmountable task but with patience and care, relief can be found.

Female patient talks with her doctor about her concerns

Chronic pain causes more than discomfort 

Women are notorious for caring for themselves after everyone else. Pushing chronic pain aside in favor of taking care of kids, spouses or ailing parents is all too easy. Ignore it for too long, however, and chronic pain causes far more than discomfort. Issues start with trouble sleeping and the exhaustion that stems from that. Some women turn to non-standard, questionable treatments for their pain. Others become dependent on drugs. Most find themselves depressed, anxious, irritable and so preoccupied with their pain that it interferes with their daily lives. If you are suffering from chronic pain, don't go through it alone. Talk to your doctor about functional medicine.

The functional medicine approach 

Functional Medicine addresses both the causes of the pain as well as treating the pain itself. Our Pain Management physician, Dr. Pedro Perez, seeks to help patients find and address the causes of chronic pain. “Using a Functional Medicine approach, I am focused on helping my patients make lifestyle modifications that will return their systems into balance," he says. "I want them to experience full pain relief because then they will be healthier overall.”

Focus on Pain Management

Dr. Pedro Perez is our pain management specialist. Dr. Perez works with your family medicine doctor to get to the cause of your chronic pain and help you find your way back to a pain free life. He is currently accepting new patients.

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