Tuesday, January 5, 2016

First Baby of 2016 born at Logansport Memorial Hospital

Two-year-old Avery Barnes wore her pink "best big sister in the whole world" T-shirt proudly Saturday afternoon as she cuddled close to her new brother, Kamryn — Logansport's first baby of 2016.

Mom Shea, Big Sister Avery, and Dad Brad are proud to present Kamryn, LMH's First Baby of 2016.

Kamryn Bradley Barnes was born at 7:23 p.m. Friday, Jan. 1, in Logansport Memorial Hospital, weighing 7 pounds, 9 ounces and spanning 22 inches long. Proud parents Brad and Shea Barnes, of Logansport, said they didn't expect a New Year's Day baby. Shea's due date was Jan. 7, so having Kamryn a week early came as a surprise — a good surprise, Brad added.

"We kind of joked about maybe having a baby on the 31st for the tax deduction or the 1st for all the free stuff, so it just kind of worked out," Shea said.

Avery, however, wanted Kamryn as a Christmas present. "She kept saying, “Baby in mommy’s tummy come out Christmas?" Brad recalled, adding it still happened on a holiday but just a week later.

Brad and Shea said they decided to wait on learning the gender of the baby until it was born, adding they were OK with having either a boy or a girl. However, Shea said her motherly intuition has been correct for both of her children. "I called [Avery] a girl the whole time and she came out a girl," she said. "And this one, if I would talk it was always he, and so I’m like it’s gotta be, I keep saying he."
Shea started going into labor at 1:30 a.m., lasting almost 18 hours into the first day of the new year. After a long couple of days for the Barnes family, Kamryn rested quietly in his bassinet Saturday afternoon, Jan. 2, at the hospital.

Kamyrn wasn't the only gift the Barnes got for New Year's Day.

"Holy cow," "wow," Brad and Shea exclaimed as they saw a red Radio Flyer wagon full of gifts, as well as other boxes and bags full of items. Dozens of businesses, organizations and local agencies donated goods to the family, including diapers, toys and books.

The family also received gift certificates, blankets and cleaning supplies from a total of 23 area groups. The number of organizations for the hospital's first baby project has grown over the years. "You always hear about it," Shea said, "but you never think it’s going to be you for the new year’s baby."

Shea said Avery has quickly grasped what it means to be a big sister, as she "pets" Kamryn on the head and makes sure he's wrapped tightly. Even though Avery might have to wait to hold her little brother, Shea added, she's well on her way. "She kept saying, 'That my boy, that my boy.'"

2016 New Year's baby donations

  • Arnold’s Fine Jewelry and Gifts: necklace
  • Boardwalk Cafe: gift certificate
  • China Lane: gift certificate
  • Cole Hardwood: diapers, changing pad, baby laundry items
  • D&R Fruit and Meat Market: gift certificate
  • Flora, Allen, Arion, Inc.: diapers and wipes
  • Holly’s Boutiques: new year’s baby onesie
  • Jim Kitchell Insurance Agency: activity mat, teething toy, rattle ball
  • Lavy Windows: convertible baby carrier
  • Logansport Fire Department: new smoke alarms
  • Logansport Memorial Hospital Gift Shop: cuddle bug blanket
  • Logansport Memorial Hospital OB Department: pack-n-play
  • Dr. Saghal, Dr. Ahoni, Dr. Akintunde and Dr. Pawlowski, Logansport Memorial Hospital Pediatrics: Radio Flyer wagon, books
  • Dr. Gingery, Dr. Hall, Dr. McClintock and Dr. Murray: Logansport Memorial Hospital Women's Health Center: car seat, car seat cover, car seat mat, baby hand wipes
  • Martin’s Supermarket: gift certificate
  • Mary Max Cinemas: two free movie tickets
  • Minglins Jewelers: piggy bank
  • Mr. Happy Burger: gift certificate
  • Pharos-Tribune: commemorative plaque of birth article/announcement
  • Spa Nails: gift certificate
  • Styles on Broadway: baby’s first haircut
  • The Rave on Broadway: body lotion
  • WIC of Cass County: basket of baby items, books, receiving blankets, bib, onesie
This article was originally authored by reporter Ben Middelkamp and was reprinted on this blog with permission from the Pharos-Tribune.

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