Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Logansport Memorial Hospital CEO receives Leadership Award

David Ameen, President/CEO, Logansport Memorial Hospital was recently awarded the 2014 Indiana Rural Health Association Leadership Award. This award recognizes an outstanding individual, organization, company, governmental unit or other entity that has demonstrated an ability to guide and motivate in a direction that contributes to the betterment of rural health in Indiana. 

“The concepts of public health and wellness he has brought to Logansport and Indiana have helped set the standard for many others to follow.  Specifically, his involvement with health coaching and the development and promotion of community-based Accountable Care Organizations have helped launch a new way of thinking regarding the delivery of healthcare. For these reasons, I nominated him for the Leadership Award,” Tim Putnam, IRHA President stated.

David says, “At Logansport Memorial Hospital, we are dedicated to providing health services that meet the needs of our community. We want to ensure access to care is available close to home for those who need it. Consulting physicians are integrated into the medical staff and offer local alternatives for access to specialty care.

We are also focused on an initiative of wellness and hope to lead by example with our employees and our health behaviors. We believe that a happy and healthy community is one that is physically well, practicing good health habits, and living active lifestyles.

In all that we do, our focus remains on you, our valued patient and community family member. Since 1925, we have been truly thankful for your trust and confidence in us. Our gratitude continues today and in the years to come.”

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