Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Logansport Memorial Hospital has successful Pet Supplies Drive!

On Friday, April 26, the Laboratory at Logansport Memorial Hospital concluded its pet supplies drive as National Laboratory Services Week also concluded. The staff in the Lab had worked together to distribute signs and information about a drive that would collect pet supplies to be donated to the Cass County Humane Society.

The Lab also sponsored a “Cutest Pet” contest that collected entry fees from photos submitted as a monetary donation to the efforts of the Humane Society. In all, $130 was raised and tables were filled with pet supplies donated by staff and willing members of the community.

“It was great to have so much support both internally and externally,” comments Deb Williamson, Logansport Memorial Hospital Laboratory Director. “We were very pleased with the donations that were brought in. We hold this supplies drive during Lab Week to try to give back to an organization in need on behalf of our department. We would like to focus on serving others in everything we do, even when we are celebrating.”

The supplies donated covered the tables set up in the Logansport Memorial Hospital lobby. It took several hands and trips to two cars to get all of the supplies carried out.  As employees of Logansport Memorial, we are here to care for our patients AND our pets!

Kim Kesler, the Director at the Cass County Humane Society, was overjoyed to receive the donation. “The generosity from everyone involved in this supplies drive was extraordinary and overwhelming,” she said. “We are so thankful for any and all donations that we receive, but this outpouring of support is very humbling and much appreciated.”

She noted that the supplies would begin to be used for the pets at the Humane Society beginning that day, as soon as they were taken back to the shelter. Kim also mentioned that anyone wanting to donate to the Cass County Humane Society at any time is able to do so. “We are very grateful for this support from the Lab at Logansport Memorial Hospital, and for all community support we receive,” she said. Simply calling the Humane Society at 574.516.1526 can help you get set up to volunteer or make your donation.

When asked why they chose to focus on pets during their week of recognition, Deb explained the idea behind it. “We thought of ‘Lab(rador)’ when we were brainstorming initially, and it has just grown from there. This is something we look forward to doing each year for the animals and for our community.”

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