Thursday, February 7, 2013

Logansport Memorial Hospital conducting Community Health Needs Assessment

Logansport Memorial Hospital is currently conducting a comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for the purpose of identifying and prioritizing the community health needs. The assessment is being accomplished in part by collecting and analyzing data, including input from the community. Logansport Memorial Hospital’s CHNA is comprised of three major components.

Health Needs SurveyOn behalf of Logansport Memorial Hospital, PRC will be conducting random phone interviews with Cass County residents in order to capture information about health needs and gaps and where they exist in our community. Residents are encouraged to participate in the 20 minute survey. Results of the survey will be aggregated and used to inform discussions that Logansport Memorial Hospital will have internally and with community organizations to identify good ways to solve the most pressing health issues for our residents.

Focus Groups As part of the CHNA process, LMH will conduct focus groups inviting key stakeholders and knowledgeable community health advocates and experts to participate. The opinions and insights expressed during the focus groups will be used to inform the advisory committee. The advisory committee has been established to offer direction for the completion of the CHNA process. Members of the advisory committee will participate in the analysis of the data and development of the recommendations that will be included in the implementation plan.

Secondary DataPublically available health census and demographic data will be compiled and incorporated into this CHNA to provide high-level insight into prevailing risk factors specific to our area. A complete list of sources and findings will be included with our final CHNA documentation.

The CHNA process will be completed by the end of October 2013, with the final report available in December 2013. The report will be made publically available.

Questions about Logansport Memorial Hospital’s CHNA or any of these components can be directed to Vicki Byrd, Vice President of Planning and Development at or by calling 574.753.1414.

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