Friday, September 7, 2012

Logansport Memorial Hospital produces "Pink Glove Dance" in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

Calling on our trusted partner in Greg Allen Productions, Logansport Memorial Hospital embarked on an adventure to produce a fun yet functional video as part of breast cancer awareness promotion. The “LMH Pink Glove Dance” is available on YouTube channels and on our website for public viewing. You can find it at or on the “Special Events” page and in the “Media Center” at

“When we first thought about making this video, we didn’t know how many employees would want to be involved,” explains Vicki Byrd, Vice-President of Planning and Development at Logansport Memorial Hospital. “When we proposed the idea, we were flooded with requests for participation! Our filming schedule was tight the day we filmed the video, but everyone had such a great time.”

But what’s important to remember is the meaning behind the video. “The message we really want to send with this video is that we value contributing to the efforts supporting breast cancer awareness,” explains Vicki. “Pink glove dances have been done across the country, but we feel that ours is special because it promotes our local efforts and what we’re trying to do for our own community.”

This video and its message is a prelude to our River Bluff Run event, which will take place on Saturday, October 13 this year. The funds raised from the event benefit the LMHF Breast Screening Fund, which provides free mammograms for uninsured women in Cass County. “This video ties in well to the existing efforts we’ve maintained for a few years now,” says Vicki. “As we look to continue involving more of the community in our events, it’s important that we also look for new and exciting ways to deliver our message behind it. This was fun for our employees, and shows how we are all committed to promoting breast cancer awareness here in our community at Logansport Memorial Hospital.”

Those interested in participating in the River Bluff Run can pre-register by calling the Foundation at 574.753.1595 or by visiting our website at

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