Friday, June 29, 2012

Logansport Memorial Hospital donates wheelchair to Cass County Honor Guard

As the county-owned hospital and healthcare resource for our community, we continually look for opportunities to better serve those in our area. The Cass County Honor Guard brought a special opportunity to us, and we were happy to be able to partner with them in their time of need.

When military funerals are held at Mount Hope Chapel, it can be difficult for those needing assistance with walking or moving to get to the burial place inside the cemetery. Often times, those funerals have no means for assisting family members or veterans that want to pay their respects. John Scott, a member of the Cass County Honor Guard who attends these funerals quite regularly, noticed this need and decided to do something about it.

“I couldn’t believe that we hadn’t thought of it before, but we definitely needed a wheelchair to use at these funerals,” said John. “I began to think about where I might find one, and because I’ve volunteered regularly at the hospital, I decided to ask them. They quickly responded after receiving proper approvals, and I was asked to stop by the hospital to pick up the wheelchair they would gladly give us. We are very grateful for this donation and for their support.”

Logansport Memorial Hospital is proud to partner with the Cass County Honor Guard in support of their efforts and of all Cass County veterans. As we approach a very special holiday for our country’s history, it is important to remember and respect all that our veterans do and have done, today and every day.

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