Thursday, March 23, 2017

What are the most common cancers found in men?

When it comes to cancer the saying "knowledge is power" is very true. The more you know about cancer types and risk factors, the better chance you have to proactively care for yourself with screening and healthier habits. Cancer can happen to anyone and in any part of the body. However, there are some cancers that are more common than others. What are the three most common cancers for men?

Older man consults with his doctor

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Common types of chronic pain

People often hold back from seeing a doctor about chronic pain because it can be hard to describe or tie to a specific cause. But if you're experiencing pain on a regular basis you should not suffer alone. If not controlled, chronic pain can grow and lead to additional physical and mental problems such as depression, anxiety, drug abuse, sleeplessness and more. You might be surprised to learn the most common types of chronic pain - and more surprised to learn there are steps you can take for relief.

Doctor consulting carefully with his patient

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Three simple questions to ask before your colonoscopy

Starting at age 50, most people become familiar with the colonoscopy. Used to screen for colorectal cancer and pre-cancerous polyps, the colonoscopy has proven to be very effective at finding issues early and removing polyps before they have the chance to turn into cancer. If it's time for you to schedule this screening test, be sure to review the following questions with your provider.

Doctor holding sign: colonoscopy

Thursday, February 23, 2017

4 things you need to know about coronary heart disease

Coronary heart disease is one of the leading causes of heart attacks and over time it can weaken the heart muscle and lead to heart failure and arrhythmia. Lifestyle changes and medical treatments can help prevent or treat coronary heart disease. As with many illnesses, the more you know about heart disease, the more you can do to help yourself live a healthy life.

Physician listens to a patient's heart

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Are you a woman suffering from chronic pain?

Chronic pain may arise from an injury, an illness or have no clear cause. Migraines, pelvic pain, abdominal pain... all have been shown to be more common in women than men. Chronic pain from these sources and others disrupts the quality of life of women throughout Logansport and North Central Indiana. Seeking relief can feel like an insurmountable task but with patience and care, relief can be found.

Female patient talks with her doctor about her concerns